The Return Of Itchy Feet

Rory Maclean presents six programmes explorng the incurable restlessness felt by us all in different ways.



Irish travellers reveal what keeps them on the road, and Christopher Russell reports from a Greek island. Plus music from cyberspace.


In the second of six programmes, he follows two men on a pilgrimage, trawls the world for hidden wealth and opens his suitcase to uninvited guests.


The third of six programmes features a traveller who dines on a moving feast, nice but naughty weekends away from reality, and a look at the real world of the travelling companion.


In the fourth of six programmes, poet Kathleen Jamie wanders and wonders, cross-Channel flyers say why they do it, and Christopher Russell samples a Thai massage.


The fifth of six programmes looks at Marco Polo's travels, voices in space, guinea pigs as a health cure, and why some people just have to come home.

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In the last in the series, Russell Hoban explores the Coca-Cola culture. And a look at how one drop of blood unfolds a map of migration.