The Return Of Inspector Steine

A comedy series written by Lynne Truss set in and around a Brighton police station in the 1950s a few years after the end of World War Two.


01Towards The End2011101720111019 (BBC7)

Second World war Bomb disposal hero Captain 'mad Hoagy' Hoagland, now fallen on hard times, appears at Brighton Police Station to deliver two boxes.

One contains a silver truncheon; an award for valour for Sergeant Brunswick.

The other contains the head of one of Mrs Groynes' old criminal accomplices Birthmark Potter.

It is a warning to them all that Mrs G's criminal nemesis Adelaide Vine is heading back to Brighton, and that the sadistic criminal Terence Chambers is heading for town too ; both hell bent on havoc and revenge.

02Nearer To The End2011102420111026 (BBC7)

Captain Mad Hoagy tackles a bomb, and Twitten uses reverse psychology on Inspector Steine.

Second World war Bomb disposal hero Captain 'mad Hoagy' Hoagland, reassures a doubtful Sergeant Brunswick that he does indeed deserve his silver truncheon award for bravery, and saves the day at the bandstand presentation ceremony of this presentation when he defuses a ticking bomb in a box with the aid of his old army bomb disposal team member Terence Chambers; who discovers that criminal Adelaide Vine has arranged for the severed head of his old criminal fraternity friend Birthmark Potter to be placed in the ticking box so it will appear that Mrs Groynes is responsible for his murder.

Vine is led off by Chambers to meet her fate at his hands, and the Brighton police station team learn that Inspector Steine can be persuaded into all kinds of useful behaviour by the employment of reverse psychology; with hilarious results.

03The End In Sight2011103120111102 (BBC7)

The Brighton police force look set to be movie stars and Mrs G is falling for Hoagy.

There's a talent contest at the Hippodrome, and Mrs G and Sergeant Brunswick take part in it and win with a new song.

Inspector Steine has written and delivered a landmark broadcast on the topical legal case known to the newspapers as 'Tatiana and the Five Hats', and Fred Nesbit a Canadian film maker, and his English assistant Leslie, come to Brighton to make a film about the work of the Brighton police force.

But Mrs G uncovers Leslie's plan to plot to show the police in a terrible light ; revealing that he is in fact that most dreaded and feared of 1950s creatures; a Commie! It's becoming clear Mrs G is deeply smitten by Captain Hoagland, and also that Adelaide Vine is still alive, well and plotting further dastardly events to torment the Brighton police force, and Mrs G herself.

04The Home Stretch2011110720111109 (BBC7)

Tons of bread and fish have been dumped all around the police station and the birds are reacting in a strange way.

And talking of fishy, why is Inspector Steine behaving so peculiarly?

05Not Long2011111420111116 (BBC7)

The Brighton police force is holed up in Inspector Steine's office without tea making equipment or biscuits.

As the strain begins to show big secrets are revealed, finally.

06 LASTThe End2011112120111123 (BBC7)

The Brighton boys in blue, together with Mrs G and Hoagy, come out of their hiding place in the police station to face a devastating scene only to discover there's an unexploded mine on the beach.

And that's not the least of their worries; evil Adelaide Vine and the sadistic Terence Chambers are back in town.

Will anyone survive this final episode?