Religion In Its Contemporary Context Statements Of Belief


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09 May 1967

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SBH:Statements of Belief, no.4 - Archbishop Anthony Bloom's profession of faith. From Broadcasts for Schools. A programme in the Sixth Form series - Religion in its Contemporary Context.

PRE:Gr.130: His discovery of the mystery of Christ's resurrection. Discoveries he made about the nature of God: His universality; respect for the individual dignity of men; humility and vulnerability; His close association with, and love for, His creatures. 210: Christ's willingness to be separated from God for a time, in order to embrace mortality. His total and perfect act of intercession - an example which we should try to follow.

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09 May 1967 00:00-00:00 (RADIO 4)


Anthony Bloom (Speaker)

Notes: CAIRS 292133.