The Reith Lectures 2004



5/5. I Am Right, You Are Dead: Wole Soyinka delivers the Reith Lectures 2004. The final talk focuses on the most dangerous being on earth - the fanatic. [Rpt of Wed 8.00pm]

01The Changing Mask Of Fear2004032420040331

The anonymous power of the terrorist over the destiny of others. Nobel prize winning poet and playwright Wole Soyinka argues that we are living in a new "climate of fear" and examines the challenge this presents to democracy. Presented by Sue Lawley from the royal institution, London.

03The Rhetoric That Blinds And Binds2004042120040424

Wole Soyinka examines the power of language, and argues that the way we speak and the slogans with which we describe the world can limit and distort our actions. The language of religious fanaticism and jargon of political correctness can both prove to be deadly.