Reith Lectures

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Programme Catalogue - Details: 2, A Web Of Deceit19960213Producer: T. WATT|Next in series: 4, REMEMBERING WORDS|Previous in series: HOME, OUR FAMOUS ISLAND RACE|Description|"A Web Of Deceit" Humans have evolved a communication system that has more in common with birdsong than the grunts of our ape cousins.Jean AITCHISON argues that the ultimate goal of language, and clue to its origin, may be lying.|Subject Categories|discussion programmes (programme format)|deceit|language analysis|development of languages|Broadcast history|13 Feb 1996 20:30-21:00 (RADIO 4)|16 Jul 1996 21:30-22:00 (RADIO 3)|Contributors|Tessa Watt (Producer)|Jean Aitchison (Speaker)|Dafydd Rees (Speaker)|Recorded on 1996-01-27.
Programme Catalogue - Details: 4, Remembering Words19960227Producer: T. WATT|Next in series: 5|Previous in series: 2, A WEB OF DECEIT|Description|Lecture 4: A Web Of Words. How do adult English speakers remember a vocabulary of around 55,000 words? Professor Jean AITCHISON unravels the vast interconnected web of vocabulary and explores how multiple words are stored.|Subject Categories|educational programmes (genre)|science programmes (genre)|language analysis|english language|development of languages|Broadcast history|27 Feb 1996 20:30-21:00 (RADIO 4)|18 Jul 1996 21:30-22:00 (RADIO 3)|Contributors|Jean Aitchison|Tessa Watt (Producer)|Recorded on 1996-02-10.