Red Mountain, Yellow River

Short stories by writers from the Chinese diaspora about life in modern China.



By Yiyun Li.

Social outcast Granny Lin befriends a boy at the school where she works, but the bond between them is shattered by circumstances.

Read by Pik-Sen Lim.

02Then The Game Begins20071120

By Xialou Guo.

The stakes are high in this story of gambling and illicit romance.

Read by Liz Sutherland

03Taken For A Ride20071121

By Liu Hong.

Jinnan's beautiful music takes on a haunting quality as it evokes powerful memories of lost love.

Read by David Tse Ka-Shing.

04The Ghost Bride20071122

By Ma Jian.

According to an ancient superstition, the unmarried dead will haunt the living unless they are married to a female corpse who will accompany them in the afterlife. This causes a dilemma for Old Chen, who believes that his son is dead after a terrible accident.

Read by David Yip

05 LASTThe Ex-inmate20071123

By Geling Yan.

Through the thin ceiling of his dilapidated apartmant, Dale Du has learned all he needs to know about the family who live upstairs.

Read by Burt Kwouk.