Recycled Radio

Welcome to Recycled Radio, the world of old BBC programmes chopped up, looped up, sped, and recycled into something new.



Recycled Radio - old BBC programmes chopped up and recycled into something new, featuring the voices of Sheila Hancock, David Attenborough, Beryl Bainbridge, Matthew Parris, John Humphrys, Margaret Thatcher, Joe Queenan, Bill Clinton, Armando Iannucci, Jeremy Paxman and Gordon Brown on the theme of Failure.

Failure is a subject we can all understand - the programme features quiz show contestants, divorcees, politicians, as well as an explanation of the the death of the dodo, and the voice of the man who discovered Scott's body in his tent in the Antarctic. But these are not stories told in a conventional sense - they have been chopped up and broken down, then placed against each other to create something new.

The producer is Miles Warde.


What connects Adolf Hitler, John Humphrys, John Prescott, Jenny Murray and Genghis Khan ? You are about to find out.

Welcome to the chopped up, looped up, sped up world of Recycled Radio - a kind of archive hour on speed. Gerald Scarfe introduces this first episode. The subject is POWER, a subject close to his heart. Expect to hear Tony Blair talking with the devil Mephistopheles about the faustian pact; Sue Perkins on Just a Minute's Machiavellian chairman Nicholas Parsons; and Eddy Grundy from the Archers stumbling into a sliced and diced version of Animal Farm. All animals are equal, wrote George Orwell, but some are more equal than others. This programme is asking you why.

Structured around Bertrand Russell's 1948 Reith lecture on Authority and the Individual, this is a crazed reworking of his exploration of power, where it comes from, and why it works.

The producer is Miles Warde.

0102Money2013061020150428 (R4)

What connects Ken Clarke, Chris Moyles, and Sue MacGregor, along with Brenda Blethyn, Milton Friedman and The Goons ? The answer is MONEY, the subject of this week's Recycled Radio.

We've chopped, looped and teased tales as diverse as Aesop's fable about the goose that lay the golden egg to Ian Duncan Smith being asked to live on £53 a week. There's music from Buddy Ella and the Johnsons, Phoenix, and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. John Major claims that lottery fever will make Britain a better place to live; Melvyn Bragg asks if money is the root of all evil; and the American economist Milton Friedman asks what is greed.

"Of course none of us are greedy," he says, "it's only the other fellow who is greedy."

That's Recycled Radio - the money edition.

The producer is Miles Warde.


At the end of May 2013, Gerald Scarfe's weekly illustration in the Sunday Times was a meat cleaver wedged into a pool of blood. Underneath he had scrawled 'Political Debate'. Recycled Radio has taken this as the inspiration for a programme about blood - from Enoch Powell's Rivers of Blood in 1968 to the horrific scenes in Woolwich in 2013.

Slicing, dicing and splicing words from Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher and Enoch Powell, the programme offers its own typically unpredictable response to this emotive word. Following on from editions about Power and Money, Blood descends into a world of violence and hate. Red blood, blue blood, mixed blood, bad blood. Also featuring the voices of Harry Allen, Louis Farrakhan, Melvyn Bragg and Pauline Black, with music from Willie King and the Liberators.

The producer is Miles Warde.


Gerald Scarfe introduces the radio, recycled. The subject is class.

It is almost fifty years now since a famous sketch first appeared on TV. It skewered the British class system like a well done kebab. Now Recycled Radio picks up John Cleese, Ronnie Corbett and Ronnie Barker and runs headlong into the slicing, dicing and splicing of the edit machine before emerging afresh. Gerald Scarfe introduces, while vocal talent is provided by Boris Johnson, Nadine Dorries, Caitlin Moran, Laurie Taylor, Jennifer Saunders, Stephen Fry, John Lennon, Marcus Brigstocke, Grayson Perry and Attila the Stockbroker. Intellectual backbone from the eminent sociologist A H Halsey, music from AC / DC.

The producer is Miles Warde.

0201Hell2014081120150430 (R4)

Welcome to the chopped up, looped up, sped up world of Recycled Radio, old BBC broadcasts turned into something new. Today cartoonist Scarfe scavenges round his studio for depictions of the fiery realms of Satan, Hades and Mephistopheles, otherwise known as Recycled Hell.

This is the archive hour at breakneck speed, and our journey to the underworld makes surprising visits to both Glastonbury and Heathrow Terminal 5. Expect to hear from Dante, Milton and Eddie Mair, along with Tony Blair, Melvyn Bragg and Germaine Greer. Fun, silly, thoughtful radio about a place that exerts an enormous grip on the imagination of people everywhere.

The producer in Bristol is Miles Warde.


This week's programme : Art.

"I've been fascinated by this subject ever since art college, where a young David Hockney recognised early on the advantages of dying his hair and wearing a gold lamé suit. A metaphor for life ? You'll find out in this exploration of good art, bad art - the over-priced and the over-hyped."

Expect contributions from a dream line up including Bridget Kendall, Tony Hart, AL Kennedy and Kenneth Clarke; plus the Matthews Parris, Lucas and D'Ancona; Christopher Biggins, John Prescott and Linda Snell from "The Archers".

The programme is produced in Bristol by Miles Warde.

0203 LASTTruth20140825

This week's programme: Truth.

Expect contributions from those who can spot a lie from a mile off, including politicians Tony Blair, Bill Clinton and Michael Howard. And explore the philosophical meaning of Truth with Nicholas Parsons, Melvyn Bragg and Sandi Toksvig.

The programme is produced in Bristol by Melvin Rickarby.


Welcome to the chopped up, looped up, sped up world of Recycled Radio. This week Gerald Scarfe introduces the subject of the law and lawyers. Our journey to court includes contributions from Clive Anderson, Harry Potter, Tom Wrigglesworth, Moses and Douglas Hurd. Mindboggling. There's also a breakneck journey to the land where every other person is a lawyer, while retired judge Elizabeth Butler-Sloss reveals the advice her father gave her about succeeding in this most competitive of professions. Fun, silly, thoughtful radio... recycled.

The producer is Miles Warde.


Welcome to the chopped up, looped up, sped up world of Recycled Radio. This week Gerald Scarfe introduces the subject of work. Joining the production line of grafters and skivers are Norman Tebbit, John Prescott, Martin Luther and Dick Whittington. We're taken back to a time when having a kip on the job was the done thing, and ask whether hard work is the route to true happiness. Fun, silly, thoughtful radio... recycled.

Producer: Melvin Rickarby.

0303 LASTBohemia2015030420150429 (R4)

Follow him down down the rabbit hole as we delve into the archives in search of bohemia, with a small "b".

Way back when, in the darkest depths of November 2014, David Hockney said something on Radio 4's Today programme: "That's what's gone now, bohemia's gone..."

Expect profound reflections on the nature of Jeremy Paxman's beard, hear Jeffrey Bernard exploring the nature of the advertising executive, picture Ed Balls playing the piano, and is that Andrew Marr contemplating the size of Virginia Woolf's bed?

What has any of this got to do with bohemia? What has bohemia got to do with anything else?

Recycled Radio might explain.

Producer: Polly Weston.

0401Travel2015100720160809 (R4)

Today Recycled Radio invites you on a wondrous journey. Famous travellers including Colin Thubron, Bruce Chatwin and Paul Theroux are all jostling for a seat, while presenter Gerald Scarfe attempts to steer the wheel. This is the archive hour at breakneck speed, chopped up, looped up and mashed up with breathtaking results.

So, do four males out of five really start life predisposed in favour of adventure? Why does Lucy Mangan want to stay at home? And is that John Prescott on the last ever edition of Excess Baggage?

Thought-provoking silly fun with an unusually starry cast - Sue MacGregor, Sir John Betjeman, Nicholas Parsons, Benedict Allen, Sarah Wheeler, Humphrey Lyttleton and Clive James.

The producer is Miles Warde.