The Real Mr Khan



Presenter and comedy performer Adil Ray grew up in a Pakistani community in Birmingham, surrounded by well-meaning but overbearing 'uncles'.

These men collectively inspired Adil's comedy character Mr Khan, the self-appointed Community Leader from Radio 4's Down the Line and BBC2's Bellamy's People.

In this documentary, Adil takes to the streets of London's East End in search of some REAL community leaders.

And because Mr Khan seems to have only a hazy idea of what community leadership involves, Adil meets community leaders, young and old to find out what they really do.

But does he find anyone resembling Mr Khan on his travels? Or is he pleasantly surprised by what he finds?

Producer: Isobel Williams

A Bite Yer Legs production for BBC Radio 4.

Adil Ray on whether real community leaders are anything like his comedy character Mr Khan.