Real Mr Khan, The

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20110720Presenter and comedy performer Adil Ray grew up in a Pakistani community in Birmingham, surrounded by well-meaning but overbearing 'uncles'.|These men collectively inspired Adil's comedy character Mr Khan, the self-appointed Community Leader from Radio 4's Down the Line and BBC2's Bellamy's People.|In this documentary, Adil takes to the streets of London's East End in search of some REAL community leaders.|And because Mr Khan seems to have only a hazy idea of what community leadership involves, Adil meets community leaders, young and old to find out what they really do.|But does he find anyone resembling Mr Khan on his travels? Or is he pleasantly surprised by what he finds?|Producer: Isobel Williams|A Bite Yer Legs production for BBC Radio 4.|Adil Ray on whether real community leaders are anything like his comedy character Mr Khan.