The Real Frasiers

Professor Raj Persaud talks to talk-show psychiatrists and psychologists from around the world to contrast their different styles and to take a snap-shot of different country's mental issues and their approaches to therapy.



Doctor Joy Browne's syndicated show on WOR 710 has made her the fourth most listened to broadcaster in America.

She talks about how she has noticed a climate of fear develop in America post 9/11 and describes some of her most unusual calls, which include one from a MAFIA hitman.


PSYCHIATRIST Doctor Sanjay Chugh presents a programme on Radio Mirchi in INDIA.

Such is the stigma in the country, callers voices are not put on air and Doctor Chugh discusses their problems in a mixture of HINDI and ENGLISH.

He believes his show has reflected changes in the INDIAn marriage with many more women calling in over the last 10 years, particularly talking about their abusive husbands.


Doctor Dorianne Weil's show on JOHANNESBURG's Talk Radio 702 has reflected the many changes in the country post-apartheid.

Doctor Weil remembers a memorable show in which a white South AFRICAn called in and admitted that he taken part in 'kafir bashing' during the apartheid years.

Doctor Weil also describes JOHANNESBURG as the family murder capital of the world and blames the problem on a high instance of male DEPRESSION.


This programme looks at ARGENTINA which has a higher number of therapists than anywhere in Europe.

Raj examines how the country has been traumatised by its turbulent history over the last three decades and hears from post-traumatic stress expert Doctor Enrique de Rosa Alabaster.

Doctor de Rosa is unusual in that his mother is ENGLISH and he has taken calls from Falklands War veterans who have accused him of working for the British.

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Raj hears from KENYA's Doctor Frank Njenga who presents a show on the CHRISTIAN radio station Family FM in NAIROBI.

He hears how Doctor Njenga has dealt with the subject of HOMOSEXUALITY which is illegal in KENYA, and how he has diagnosed callers suffering from DEPRESSION who were not aware the illness even existed.