The Reading Group Stories

Stories commissioned by readers' groups in the West Midlands, recorded at the Birmingham Book Festival.


AR01* Ten Years Old20080324

Written and read by Helen Cross.

A young girl is bewildered when her home is flooded.

AR02* The Card Shop20080325

Written and read by Nicola Monaghan.

An elderly man is surprised to find that he has something in common with a young card collector.

AR03* The Philosopher20080326

Written and read by Will Buckingham.

A stressed office worker pops out for his lunch break and meets a man who changes his life.

AR04* Twice Tried, Twice Hung, Twice Buried20080327

Written and read by Lindsey Davies.

A period tale about a local forger.

AR05 LAST* Catherine20080328

Written and read by Mil Millington.

A comic tale about the desire for sleep which affects all new parents.