Reading Aloud - Work

A series of six readings that explore the joys and woes of earning a daily crust.


01Down And Out In Paris And London19970730

by George Orwell, read by Paul Mcgann.

Washing up at Hotel X takes the aspiring writer out of the poverty trap in 1930s Paris.

02Biting The Dust: The Joys Of Housework19970806

by Margaret Horsfield.

Flapper or scrubber - which kind of cleaner are you? Read by Brenda Blethyn

03Gregory Gladwell - Blacksmith19970820

by Ronald Blythe.

An extract from `Akenfield' which describes a hot, emotionally taxing life at the forge.

Read by David Horovitch

04The Job19970827

by Sinclair Lewis.

Una embarks on office life in 1930s New York.

Read by Barbara Barnes


by Douglas Coupland.

Toiling away in computerland - how to make sense of it all? Read by William Hope

06 LASTIn Praise Of Idleness19970910

by Bertrand Russell.

A final reflection on the world of work for all who have ever thought, `There must be more to life than this'.

Read by Hugh Dickson