The story of the man who inspired us to wear sandals, beards and cheesecloth shirts, sitar legend Ravi Shankar. Donovan presents this tale of how the West was won by a mysterious man and his 19-string instrument.



It's 1965 and the Beatles bring a new sound to the West. It's a sound so radical that it changes the musical landscape of Britain. One man is responsible for this - Ravi Shankar


Donovan looks at the fascinating collaborations Ravi has had with the likes of John Coltrane, Philip Glass and Yehudi Menuhin

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One of Ravi's greatest legacies will undoubtedly be his amazingly talented family, such as daughters Anoushka Shankar and multi-Grammy winning Norah Jones. Donovan concludes this series by exploring the family ties and looking at the influence Ravi has on the current music scene.