The Rapid Eye Movement

Comedy drama series by Karl Minns (see The Nimmo Twins - particulary Exit Pursued By A Bear), starring Martin Freeman and narrated by Chris Langham. Chester is a dreamer with a difference - his dreams are actually performed by actors.


0101I'm Sorry. Do You Know Where I Am?20020827
0102Ho, Ho, Ho, Look At That! That's Disgusting!20020903
0103The Flying Dream20020910
0104The Saucy Dream20020917
0105The Chester Awards20020924
0106 LASTThe Deja Vue Department20021001
0201Dead-tired Man Walking20031016

Chester has a cold, and his girlfriend has persuaded him to take a herbal remedy. This doesn't bode well for the REM actors.

0202In The Heat Of The Nightie20031023

Chester has a cold, and his girlfriend has persuaded him to take a herbal remedy. This doesn't bode well for the REM actors who find themselves sweltering in 100 degree temperatures, having to perform a swirly ill dream.

0203I Know What You Did Last Slumber20031030

Chester is having problems with his sleeping - he's doing too much of it, and as a consequence the REM are worn out as they're having to perform at least 15 dreams a day. But that's not the worst problem they face, as Chester prepares to attend a sleep clinic.

0204Where Ego's Dare20031106

The REM are gearing up for a big boxing match - Id versus Superego. It's essential that the match be a draw so that Chester can maintain a healthy personality balance. What would happen to him if one of them won doesn't bear thinking about.

0205Bed Boy Bubby20031113

There's bad news all round when Chester is hit by a car and ends up in a coma. As all good REM's know, when people are knocked into unconsciousness, they literally are - which means that Chester is wandering around in his own REM.

0206 LASTComa Lone20031120

Chester has fallen asleep on the beginnings of an idea, but the doors to his unconscious were accidentally left open at the time and it's dropped through into his REM. Unfortunately it's manifested itself in the form of a baby.

0301Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Cheese20041005

Karl Minns' comedy about a man who has a company of actors in his head performing his nightly dreams returns for a third series, starring Dave Lamb as Chester and featuring Chris Langham as the Narrator. Due to Meryl's failed affair with REM DJ Ken Waller, Chester finds himself with a tune stuck in his head - and to make matters worse, it's 'The Birdie Song' which is driving him, and the REM, completely round the bend.

0302The Dirty Dozing20041012

The REM find themselves in a bit of a DIY rut, and as a result perform a 'Changing Rooms' type makeover on Chester's mind. Unfortunately the King Arthur theme has given Chester a very non 21st century and uncharacteristically cHIValrous outlook on life.


Butterworth decides that it's about time Chester rediscovered his spiritual side.

0304 LASTThe Return Of The Shadow20041026

He's been trapped in a flycatcher for two years. But now the REM's worst nightmare is about to be unleashed once again with consequences more extreme than even Miss Maury could have foreseen on her clipboard. Chester and the REM face the return of - The Shadow.