Raging Hormones

Claudia Hammond presents the beginner's guide to hormones.



Its reputation is that of a ``bad'' hormone because it is associated with stress. But some scientists say that it can actually be good for you - especially before an operation.

02Growth Hormone1999062219991102

There is now an increasing demand from parents for healthy children to be given growth hormones to make them taller.


Due to its ability to regulate sleeping habits, melatonin is exciting scientific interest and is available over the counter in America.


A look at a hormone which can have a devastating effect on the body if too little or too much is produced. Yet thyroid dysfunction is a surprisingly common problem, and now an increasing number of people believe that thyroxine supplements can help them feel better.

05 LASTInsulin1999071319991105

In this programme, she takes a look at the powerful role insulin can have in our lives.