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Tim Bentinck presents a history of radio soaps, including the first ever soap from 1948.

Tim Bentinck, who plays David Archer in The Archers, presents a history of radio soaps, including the first ever soap broadcast in 1948. His selection of radio soaps includes Mrs Dale's Diary from 1948 and 1969, Waggoner's Walk from 1969 and 1977, Citizens from 1987 and 1991, Westway from 1999 and The Archers from 1955 and 1978.

Tim Bentinck who plays David Archer in The Archers takes us through a history of radio soaps including the first-ever soap broadcast in 1948.

The full playlist:

Mrs Dale's Diary from 1948: The Dales are moving house and Gwen, their daughter, gets a job in the garage where her brother Bob works.

Then we have an episode from 1960 in which Mrs Dale's Aunt Hester arrives from Canada.

We move on to Waggoner's Walk with the first episode from 1969 very much capturing the spirit of the Sixties and an episode from 1977 in which the characters have moved on in their relationships.

On to Citizens and the first episode from 1987 in which Michael arrives to stay with his sister in a house full of women, followed by an episode from 1991 and a hostage situation.

From the World Service we have the excellent Westway with an Omnibus edition from 1999 which includes a death, an affair and problems in the work place.

Finally, the longest running soap of all - The Archers.

We just had to include the episode from 1955, for which 20 million radio listeners tuned in - the highest number of listeners ever.

It's the one in which Grace Archer dies in a fire.

There's also an episode from 1978 featuring Eva the au-pair and a confusion with Jennifer's children.

In this episode Kate hasn't yet learned to talk!