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The Shop Steward - Paragon or Parasite?

Introduced by KENNETH HARRIS

Last year Mrs Barbara Castle , addressing an important assembly of executives, claimed that power of management was moving from the top echelon to the shop floor.

If this is true. has the Shop Steward too much power - and does he abuse it? Can and will our economy be strangled at source by wildcat strikes in docks, factories, railways, and mines? Is the Shop Steward an anachronism?

Produced by ALAN BURGESS


Introduced By: Kenneth Harris

Unknown: Mrs Barbara Castle

Produced By: Alan Burgess

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700317]

The Monarchy - do we need one?

Introduced by GEORGE scott

Other countries have presidents, dictators, juntas. We-and a handful of other countries - retain a monarchy. Tonight's Report looks at the advantages and disadvantages of our own monarchy - and at the alternatives.


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Introduced By: George Scott