Radio 4 Debates


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Last of four programmes. The Arts Debate

Artists, musicians, actors, directors, arts administrators and sponsors gather at the Royal National Theatre to debate the proposition that: "Britain is failing to ensure the future of the arts."

The speakers include:

Proposing: Mark Fisher , MP, Labour Arts


Simon Mundy , Director, National Campaign for the Arts; Christopher Gable , Artistic Director,

Northern Ballet Theatre.

Opposing: Rt Hon Timothy Renton , MP, Minister for the Arts; Anthony Everitt , Secretary General of the Arts Council; Colin Tweedy , Director General,

Association for Business

Sponsorship of the Arts.

Chairman Brian Redhead.

Producer Margaret Hill

Genome: [r4 Bd=19920301]

Unknown: Mark Fisher

Unknown: Simon Mundy

Artistic: Christopher Gable

Unknown: Timothy Renton

Unknown: Anthony Everitt

Unknown: Colin Tweedy

Unknown: Brian Redhead.

Producer: Margaret Hill