Radio 4 At The Word

Ten stories - five Book At Bedtime and five others - about London and its inhabitants by writers participating in `The Word', London's first festival of literature.


01Angel On The Roof19990322

Shirley Hughes, read by Jonathan Firth.

Lewis Brown leads a solitary life until he discovers that an angel is living on the roof of his parents' house.

02Best Wishes From Jemima Shore19990323

by Antonia Fraser, read by Patricia Hodge.

During a rather unsuccessful book-signing tour, TV presenter and amateur sleuth Jemima Shore is suddenly presented with an alarming request from an admirer.


by Michael Moorcock, read by Maggie Steed.

Vi Corren's love of well-made, second-hand furniture proves to be a life-saver on more than one occasion.

04The Melting Bed19990325

by Emily Perkins.

Lies can be hurtful but they can also be exciting.

Dishonesty and its different effects are explored in this compelling story.

05 LASTDr Johnson's First Cat19990326

by Richard Holmes, read by John Rowe.

The little-known story of fair Esther and her cat, and the profound effect they were to have on the work of Dr Johnson, especially his great `Dictionary of the English Language'.

01My Journey To Speer19990322

written and read by Gitta Sereny.

A young girl witnesses with increasing horror the rise of fascism in Vienna.

02Grape Jelly19990323

written and read by Jan Morris.


A new work written and read by Wole Soyinka, the Nobel Prize-winning Nigerian author.

04A Week In Heidelberg19990325

written and read by Doris Lessing.

While in Heidelberg for the rehearsals of an opera created by herself and Philip Glass, Lessing finds herself listening to music of a very different kind.

05The Day I Failed To Be Che Guevara19990326

written and read by Ariel Dorfman.

A personal story of survival.