Radio 3 Awards For World Music



The sounds of planet earth, celebrated in this concert featuring performances from winners in seven of the categories of this year's Awards.

Lucy Duran introduces the Poll Winners' Concert, held yesterday at The Sage Gateshead, hosted by Eliza Carthy and Benjamin Zephaniah.


Tinariwen (Mali): The sounds of the Sahara Desert

Asia Pacific

Kaushiki Chakrabarty (India): A new voice in Indian classical music


Lhasa (Canada): A former circus singer who mixes her Latin and European roots


Amparanoia (Spain): The eclectic sound of modern Spain

Boundary Crossing

Bebo and Cigala (Cuba and Spain): Flamenco vocals meets Cuban piano Newcomer: Chango Spasiuk (Argentina) Accordion virtuoso playing the furious style called chamamé

Middle East and North Africa

Khaled (Algeria): The King of Rai.


Hugh Masekela, Verity Sharp and Fiona Talkington are the hosts for this year's Planet Awards, which come from the Brixton Academy.

Lucy Duran is backstage to introduce the Poll Winners' Concert.


Middle East and North Africa: Souad Massi (Algeria) - exquisite songs, soulful singing

Europe: Fanfare Ciocarlia (Romania) - acclaimed as the fastest band on Earth

Newcomer: Konono No 1 (Congo) - the electrifying sounds of amplified thumb-pianos

Club Global: DJ Shantel (Germany) - club mixer Stefan Hantel with his blend of eastern European roots with contemporary beats

Asia-Pacific: Sain Zahoor (Pakistan) - powerful singing from the Sufi tradition

Culture Crossing: Nitin Sawhney (UK) - a fusion of styles that go well beyond his British-Asian roots

Africa and Album of the Year: Amadou and Mariam (Mali) - blind husband and wife duo who are now on a wave of worldwide success.


Live from The Barbican in London, Andrew McGregor introduces this year's Poll Winners' Concert, hosted by Verity Sharp and Kwame Kwei-Armah.

Six of this year's winning bands have crossed the globe for these special concert appearances, which are the culmination of a weekend of events linked to the Awards.



Asia-Pacific: Debashish Bhattacharya (India)

A master of the Indian slide guitar.


Club Global: Gotan Project (Argentina/France)

World leaders in electrotango.


Lucy Duran brings us all the backstage buzz, DJ Pathaan reports on the newest trends in Indian classical music, BBC World Service presenter Juan Carlos Jaramillo presents a mini-history of the tango, and Samir Farah of the BBC Arabic Service explores Lebanon's musical heritage.


Middle East-North Africa: Ghada Shbeir (Lebanon).

A musician bringing the thousand-year-old Arabo-Andalusian repertory into the 21st century.


Newcomer: K'naan (Somalia)

Now settled in Canada, he writes hip-hop that draws on his childhood experiences in the war-torn country of his birth.


DJ Rita Ray has a guide to African rap, French reporter Daniel Brown profiles Algerian musicians in exile and DJ Eric Soul surveys the music of Ethiopia.


Culture Crossing: Maurice el Medioni (Algeria-France)

A veteran pianist specialising in the 'piano oriental' style that emerged in colonial Algeria.


Africa: Mahmoud Ahmed (Ethiopia)

A singer long celebrated as Ethiopia's finest, who is only now becoming known internationally.