Queensferry Crossing, The [Radio Scotland]


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How many times have you turned on Radio Scotland only to hear that the Kessock, Skye and Dornoch bridges are closed to high sided vehicles and that there are speed restrictions on the Forth Road Bridge? The Scottish weather has a dramatic impact on Scotland's bridges, but if the scientists and engineers have got their sums right, that is about to change.

The Queensferry Crossing will be the longest three-tower, cable-stayed bridge in the world, it will be the highest bridge in the UK and with height comes wind. But the "weatherproofing" design of this bridge means that there shouldn't be any closures and restrictions due to weather.

Due to open in 2016 during Scotland's year of Innovation, architecture and design, The Queensferry Crossing is combination of all three of these elements.

In this episode of Brainwaves Pennie Latin meets the bridge designers and engineers to discover the science that is going into Scotland's latest feat of engineering.

Pennie Latin explores the science involved in the construction of the Queensferry Crossing