Queen's Quines, The [Radio Scotland]


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A documentary capturing an emotional and factual picture of what it is like being a Scottish woman in the modern British military. Through the audio diaries of two Scottish women in the British armed services; army corporal Gayle Astley heading for Afghanistan and navy Lieutenant Commander Elaine Boyd in action on board a warship, we get a picture of what modern life for Scottish women is like in the British Armed Services. The documentary illustrates and documents the work that Scots women do in the Armed services. The recordings were made by the women themselves and this inspiring portrait of their lives bring listeners the stories of these women's lives in their own words. We also hear from their colleagues, and their loved ones back home. From dramatic events in Corporal Astley's posting to Afghanistan, to naval manoeuvres in the Mediterranean, we discover what sort of a life the armed services offers to two very different Scottish women. A moving, gripping and surprising documentary.

Documentary exploring the life and work of two Scottish women in the British armed forces.