Quatermass Memoirs, The

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Nigel Kneale's drama-documentary series mixes his thoughts on the 1950s with a new adventure for Professor Quatermass.
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Professor Quatermass recalls Victor Caroon, the first man in space, in Nigel Kneale's drama-documentary.|Professor Quatermass recalls Victor Caroon - the first man in space.
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Nigel Kneale reveals the inspiration for the sinister Quatermass sequel, set at Winnerden Flats.
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Drama-documentary reflecting on the fearful 50s atmosphere which inspired the adventures of Professor Quatermass.|Drama-documentary reflecting on the fearful 1950s atmosphere which inspired the adventures of Professor Quatermass.
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'We are the Martians!' Nigel Kneale, author of the Quatermass serials, examines the origins of the stories.