Puzzling Passions

Marcel BERLINs indulges his passion for puzzles, which have been used throughout history as instruments for pleasure, pain and gain.


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20131223 (BBC7)

Marcel Berlins explores his own love of puzzles, and the significance of mazes as iconography and pastime. From October 2000.

Labyrinths and mazes can be deadly or delightful.

Marcel Berlins explores the history of puzzles as he indulges his own love of brain-teasers,.

20131224 (BBC7)

Marcel BERLINs returns with some puzzling numbers, some of which have foxed mathematicians for hundreds of years. Do mathematicians themselves see the point of solving the problem, or are they just having fun?

Marcel Berlins investigates the value of games within mathematics, and assesses at what point.

Marcel Berlins looks at the value of games and playing within maths, and at what point it becomes serious. From October 2000.

20131226 (BBC7)

Marcel BERLINs delves into the enigmatic world of the crossword puzzle.

Marcel Berlins investigates crosswords, assessing whether they are harmless pastimes or.

Marcel Berlins turns his focus on crossword puzzles. Harmless pastime or a potentially consuming addiction? From October 2000.

20131227 (BBC7)

Marcel Berlins examines the genuine physical pursuit of a goal. How does one deduce where a prize is buried? From October 2000.

Marcel BERLINs reveals what it takes for a puzzle to turn into a pot of gold.

Marcel Berlins highlights how the physical pursuit of a goal can be a puzzle in itself. First.

05 LASTRock Paintings2000103120001221
20131228 (BBC7)

Marcel BERLINs takes off into the tortuous world of the dedicated treasure hunter. Is the treasure itself the aim of the game, or do some people just need to be hunters?

Marcel Berlins' investigations conclude as he explores the world of tactile puzzles, and.

Marcel Berlins gets his hands dirty when he delves into the world of tactile puzzles and a famous cube. From October 2000.