The Pursuit



By Matt Hartley.

When a road accident ends in tragedy, the police officer involved sets out to discover who was to blame.

But is he prepared to accept the findings?


Don Gilet


Claire Price


Adeel Akhtar


Sean Baker


Sally Orrock


Reilly Newbold

Directed by Sasha Yevtushenko.

Traffic officer Paul's pursuit of a joy-rider ends tragically when he loses control of his vehicle and causes the death of another driver.

He's suspended, and conducts his own ill-advised investigation into who was to blame.

The journey leads to surprising self-discovery.

To what extent is an individual's responsibility negated if their decisions are made in a 'pressure-cooker' environment? This is a question the police have to face every day.

The media placed a particular spotlight on the issue following the de Menezes shooting, and more recently with the May Day riots.

Decisions made in a split-second, reverberate through people's lives, sometimes indefinitely.

Matt Hartley's play uses this question of responsibility as a starting point to explore the fall-out on our protagonist.

While the official investigation examines Paul on an official-level, his own journey leads him on an ill-judged crusade to place the blame entirely elsewhere.

But a seemingly chance meeting with Alison, an individual equally damaged by the events, causes him to turn that crusade inwards.

These questions are far more difficult to answer, and the moral ambiguity of the conflict makes for a tense and nuanced dramatic world.


Matt Hartley is a young writer with a strong voice and great sense of dramaturgy.

He has just been offered the post of writer-in-residence with the RSC in Stratford, and is a former winner of the Under-26 Bruntwood Award at the Royal Exchange.

He has had several plays produced by major venues including the Royal Court, Hampstead, Everyman and Trafalgar Studios.


Don Gilet was until recently an Eastenders regular, playing the part of Lucas.

Elsewhere on television, he has appeared in The Line of Beauty and Hotel Babylon.

Claire Price has recently appeared in The Power of Yes (National Theatre) and Private Lives (Hampstead Theatre).

A police officer involved in a road accident sets out to discover who was to blame.