Pursuit, The

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20101005By Matt Hartley.|When a road accident ends in tragedy, the police officer involved sets out to discover who was to blame.|But is he prepared to accept the findings?|Paul.|Don Gilet|Clare.|Claire Price|Simon.|Adeel Akhtar|Cormac.|Sean Baker|Alison.|Sally Orrock|Thomas.|Reilly Newbold|Directed by Sasha Yevtushenko.|Traffic officer Paul's pursuit of a joy-rider ends tragically when he loses control of his vehicle and causes the death of another driver.|He's suspended, and conducts his own ill-advised investigation into who was to blame.|The journey leads to surprising self-discovery.|To what extent is an individual's responsibility negated if their decisions are made in a 'pressure-cooker' environment? This is a question the police have to face every day.|The media placed a particular spotlight on the issue following the de Menezes shooting, and more recently with the May Day riots.|Decisions made in a split-second, reverberate through people's lives, sometimes indefinitely.|Matt Hartley's play uses this question of responsibility as a starting point to explore the fall-out on our protagonist.|While the official investigation examines Paul on an official-level, his own journey leads him on an ill-judged crusade to place the blame entirely elsewhere.|But a seemingly chance meeting with Alison, an individual equally damaged by the events, causes him to turn that crusade inwards.|These questions are far more difficult to answer, and the moral ambiguity of the conflict makes for a tense and nuanced dramatic world.|Writer|Matt Hartley is a young writer with a strong voice and great sense of dramaturgy.|He has just been offered the post of writer-in-residence with the RSC in Stratford, and is a former winner of the Under-26 Bruntwood Award at the Royal Exchange.|He has had several plays produced by major venues including the Royal Court, Hampstead, Everyman and Trafalgar Studios.|Cast|Don Gilet was until recently an Eastenders regular, playing the part of Lucas.|Elsewhere on television, he has appeared in The Line of Beauty and Hotel Babylon.|Claire Price has recently appeared in The Power of Yes (National Theatre) and Private Lives (Hampstead Theatre).|A police officer involved in a road accident sets out to discover who was to blame.