Punk Jazz

Four programmes in which Charles Shaar Murray tells the remarkable story of bass player Jaco Pastorius.


01Word Of Mouth1998111419981120

The origins of Jaco's genius. With contributions from Pat Metheny, Paul Bley, Joe Zawinul and members of Jaco's family.

02Liberty City1998112119981127

After years of obscurity in Florida, Pastorius sends shock waves through the music world with his debut album. With contributions from Herbie Hancock, Joni Mitchell, Wayne Shorter, Joe Zawinul and the Pastorius family.

03A Remark You Made1998112819981204

Pastorius makes it to the big time.

Hired by Weather Report, his unique sound and stage presence result in a series of gold albums and sell-out world tours.

But then his rapid rise to fame starts to take its toll on his personal life and his sanity.

With contributions from Joe Zawinul, Pat Metheny, Wayne Shorter, Mike Stern and members of the Pastorius family.

04 LASTCrisis1998120519981211

After five turbulent years as a `superstar' with Weather Report, Pastorius goes it alone. But his musical triumphs are quickly followed by mental breakdown and personal tragedy. With contributions from Joe Zawinul, Wayne Shorter, Don Alias and the Pastorius family.