Stories exploring how psychological theories have crept into popular culture.


AR01A Leaf, A Life20060626

By Ruth Thomas, read by Paul Young.

John is perplexed when his wife Mary leaves him, apparently spurred on by sessions with a life coach.

AR02Doctors Are Sometimes More Ill Than Their Patients20060627

By Ronald Frame, read by Joanna Tope.

Her no-nonsense style might be valued by her readers, but gardening columnist Sandy Loam recalls an upbringing that was anything but straightforward.


By Fay Weldon, read by Noreen Leighton.

A violent act intrudes upon Emma's journey to holistic wellbeing.

AR04Ticking The Boxes20060629

By Ron Butlin, read by Sean Scanlan.

The patient on the couch is happy to wax lyrical about his many achievements in life - so why can't he sleep at night?

AR05 LASTBaggage20060630

By Elizabeth Reeder, read by Deirdre Davis.

A woman tackles the clutter that has gathered at the bottom of her summer bag.