Psmith In The City

Comedy series following the adventures of the extraordinary Psmith and his friend Mike in the world of Edwardian finance.


01First Steps In A Business Career2008091920101008

Mike's future looks gloomy when he's forced to give up his dreams of university and work in a bank.

But help is at hand.

02The Haunting Of Mr Bickersdyke2008092620101015

The indomitable Psmith hatches a plan to take revenge on bullying manager Mr Bickersdyke.

03Stirring Times With Comrade Waller2008100320101022

Psmith and Mike discover the secret passion of the kindly Head of Cash.

04 LASTPsmith Arranges His Future2008101020101029

Psmith's powers of persuasion are put to the test when Mike is dismissed from the bank.