The Provok'd Wife



The Provok'd Wife by John Vanbrugh

adapted by Jim Poyser

'What cloying meat is love when matrimony's the sauce to it?' A gloriously outspoken 18th-century comedy of sex, marriage, debauchery and revenge. Restoration comedy at its finest.

Vanbrugh's Restoration comedy is a bawdy romp through the destruction of a marriage and the promise of true love. Julian Rhind-tutt stars as confirmed bachelor Heartfree.

Heartfree....Julian Rhind-tutt

Constance - Tom Mannion

Sir John Brute - Dave Hill

Lady Brute....Saskia Reeves

Belinda....Sarah Smart

Lady Fanciful....Josie Lawrence

Claudette....Tonia Chauvet

Colonel Bully - David Crellin

Lord Rake/Justice - Alexander Delamere

Produced and directed by Pauline Harris