Protestors, The

A series featuring people with a passion to change the world.

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012007062920070630A series featuring people with a passion to change the world.Environmental campaigners use humour, tree houses and tunnels in their fight to save the planet.
022007070620070707Women anti-war campaigners reveal their determination to protest for peace, and how they've been inspired by the women who camped at Greenham Common.
032007071320070714The emotional story of how the battle to save a local hospital has brought a whole town in mid-Wales out to protest.
04 LAST2007072020070721The final part of the series featuring people who change the world follows one family's fight to save the Welsh language.|Ffred and Meinir Ffransis and their seven children are a family bound by protest, having campaigned together, been arrested together and even been in prison together.