Protection Game, The

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20110404|Bodyguards, or close-protection officers (CPOs), are the thing of Hollywood myth.|But, in real life, do some bodyguards have to make the ultimate sacrifice and dive in front of the bullet?|Broadcaster Yasmeen Khan meets, and trains with, some new recruits at a Task International training course in Kent.|These men and women are training to be close-protection officers for corporate clients from around the world.|Yasmeen learns more about the training, and the wider world of CPOs from the Task trainer.|She also hears about the recent work Task CPOs have undertaken in Cairo, bringing out UK citizens and taking in much needed medical and food supplies.|In a secretive London location, Yasmeen meets up with security expert Will Geddes, and together they discuss the ethics of personal protection, of selling your body & skills to someone else with the possible ultimate outcome of your own death.|Who are the clients and what is the stark reality of being a CPO in the modern age? Will discusses his recent experiences in Libya and Cairo.|Yasmeen also talks with Bill Butler, the Chief Executive of the Security Industry Authority.|Under the SIA's leadership it has now become mandatory for security staff to be licensed in the UK.|Yasmeen wants to know how the SIA manages to ensure that unlicensed protection services don't succeed.|As Yasmeen learns, many CPOs come from a military background, but then there are also those who have long experience in the Special Branch and Royal Protection Detail.|She heads to an even more secretive location to meet Brian Isdale, a former Special Branch officer, now running his own security service and hiring many ex-police officers.|Business is clearly good, and with the Olympics looming, it seems it will only get better.|Producers: Neil Gardner & Yasmeen Khan|A Ladbroke Production for BBC Radio 4.|Yasmeen Khan investigates the UK's close-protection and bodyguard industry.