Proposal, The

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19980928Emily Woof performs her own poetic monologue, both challenging and uniquely personal. When her lover proposes, Emily has no answer. She flies off to AUSTRALIA the very next day to star in an art film and finds herself in a bizarre situation which forces her to question the meaning of love - and life.
Programme Catalogue - Details: Chrkhov19900817First broadcast on 1986-11-06|Producer: C. BRILL|Next in series: 28 September 1998|Description|Play by Anton CHEKHOV. Ivan Lomov wishes to marry Natasha Chubukov. He wants|Subject Categories|drama programmes (genre)|Broadcast history|06 Nov 1986 11:15-11:45 (RADIO 3)|17 Aug 1990 21:05-21:35 (RADIO 3)|Contributors|Marcella Riordan (Actor)|Michael Duffy (Actor)|Stephen Brennan (Actor)|Anton Chekhov (Author)|Clive Brill (Producer)|Recorded on 1986-07-09.