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Live from Cadogan Hall, London

Presented by Christopher Cook

Harpsichordist Mahan Esfahani joins the Academy of Ancient Music to perform Bach's Art of Fugue in a new instrumental arrangement by Esfahani himself. In doing so he revives the informal spirit of Bach's Leipzig coffee house concerts, in which the composer would direct his own band of musicians.

Based on a single melody and consisting of 14 Fugues and 4 Canons, Bach explores the possibilities of what can be written by weaving the line of the melody against and around itself. Bach himself didn't stipulate the instrument (or instruments) for which he envisaged the work - the original manuscript is written in four voices on four separate lines and though Esfahani feels sure the work was undoubtedly written for a keyboard instrument, he says "it doesn't mean we can't explore another side of the music".

J S Bach: The Art of Fugue (arr. Mahan Esfahani)

Academy of Ancient Music

Mahan Esfahani (harpsichord/director)

This concert will be repeated on Sunday 29th July at 2pm.