Profiles of people who are making the headlines.

Profile is the weekly programme which offers fresh insight into someone in the news.


0101Ehud Olmert2006010720060108

Profiles of people who are making the headlines.

Profile is the weekly programme which offers fresh insight into someone in the news.Radio 4 shines the spotlight on Ehud Olmert, the man who has been appointed acting Prime Minister of Israel after Ariel Sharon suffered a stroke.

0102Terry Leahy2006011420060115

This programme focuses on Sir Terry Leahy, chief executive of Tesco, who has been voted one of the most powerful people in Britain in two recent polls.

Since Sir Terry took over as chief executive of Tesco eight years ago he has more than doubled profits and pulled in a record number of customers.

Yet behind the success lies a very ordinary man.

Despite his multi-million pound salary he lives in a modest house and drives himself to work.

He's been described as so ordinary that even his employees would be hard pushed to spot him if he shopped at their store.

Presented by Chris Blackhurst, City Editor of the London Evening Standard - a journalist who has followed the progress of Sir Terry through his meteoric rise.

0103Porter Goss2006012120060122

Profile offers fresh insights into the motivation of people making the headlines.

One individual, from any walk of life, is chosen each week.

By talking to a range of people, the programme aims to find out who they are and what makes them tick.

America's chief of spooks has come under scrutiny this week over 'rendition' flights.

This edition of the programme shines the spotlight on the head of the CIA, Porter Goss.

He was put in charge of the CIA to address failures of intelligence over 9/11 and weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

But since he took over, a number of senior intelligence officers have left and critics say that Goss is too close to the White House.

Is the CIA under Porter Goss able to provide the intelligence necessary to prevent further terrorist attacks? Tom Mangold talks to Goss' friends and colleagues to assess his impact.

0104Brian Barwick2006012820060129

When the England team run out on to the pitch this summer at the World Cup, all eyes will be on Sven and the boys.

But the man who will shoulder a great deal of stress is someone that we know little about - Brian Barwick, the Chief Executive of the Football Association.

In this edition of Profile, Paul Mason looks at the man who this week has negotiated an agreement for Sven Goran Eriksson's contract to come to an end after the 2006 World Cup finals in Germany.

He is also trying to steer the FA through the controversy over alleged illegal payments, while keeping the Wembley stadium project on track.

By talking to a range of colleagues and associates, the programme aims to find out what makes him tick.

0105George Clooney2006020420060205

There are rumours that George Clooney has his eye on the US Presidency.

In the week that he pulls off the rare feat of multiple Oscar nominations for writer, actor and director, Profile looks at the man who started out as a shoe salesman, wooed the world as Dr Doug Ross in ER and is now flexing his political muscles.

The BBC's arts correspondent Razia Iqbal gives her insight into the pin-up turned political activist.

0106Charles Clarke2006021120060212

In a week of renewed concern about Islamic radicals, the Home Secretary, Charles Clarke, is the man charged with countering the terrorist threat.

On Monday, he leads the push for one of the government's riskiest political gambles to date, the Identity Cards Bill.

Charles Clarke was elected to Parliament less than nine years ago, but has long been Labour's toughest backroom boy.

He was President of the NUS and Neil Kinnock's chief of staff, before becoming one of Tony Blair's right-hand men.

He's on the news every day, yet few people know his colourful past.

Have the battles he's fought over the past 35 years prepared him for the struggle that now awaits him? Michael White talks to Neil Kinnock and others who've worked closely with him to find out.

0108Debby Reynolds2006022520060226

is Britain's first line of defence against avian flu.

As Chief Veterinary officer she'll be devising the policies for containing a disease that could not only wipe out the British poultry industry if it hits Britain, but could cause a human pandemic if it mutates.

Miriam O'reilly profiles Debby Reynolds.

0109Dan Brown2006030420060305

This edition attempts to crack the real Da Vinci Code: who is its reclusive writer Dan Brown?

The author of the fastest-selling adult novel ever, he's been taken to court this week, accused of plagiarism.

But less is known of his career as a Barry Manilow-style singer-songwriter, the influence of his art historian wife and his first attempts at penning a best-seller.

The author and critic DJ Taylor takes up the challenge to discover the man behind the publishing phenomenon of the decade.

0110John Bond2006031120060312

When he failed to get into university he got a job scrubbing the decks on a boat to Hong Kong.

He fell in love with the place and later returned as a trainee banker.

Forty five years later he has just announced the highest ever pre-tax profits.

He is Sir John Bond, the chairman of HSBC.

Business journalist Chris Blackhurst assesses his career and whether his magic touch will help to transform the fortunes of Vodafone when he takes over as chairman later this year.

0111Marko Milosevic2006031820060319

This weekend Slobodan Milosevic is to be buried in his home town of Pozarevac.

His body was brought from The Hague by his son Marko, who has accused prosecutors there of murdering the former Serbian leader.

Unlike his parents, this chain-saw wielding, night-club owning playboy has little interest in politics.

But Marko's story provides an insight into the Milosevic regime and its enduring appeal to Serb nationalists.

Misha Glenny profiles the former Serbian leader's son, Marko Milosevic.

0112Dominique De Villepin2006032520060326

The BBC's Paris correspondent, Caroline Wyatt, profiles French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, the man who wants to fill President Chirac's shoes.

Next week is a make or break week for Dominique de Villepin, whose controversial youth unemployment law has led to protests in Paris and elsewhere.

While the aristocratic, poetry writing politician says he might compromise slightly over plans to end the jobs for life culture in his country, he won't back down.

Trade unions are calling his bluff and plan a day of action next Tuesday.

But has he alienated voters and his own supporters too much?

0113Patricia Hewitt2006040120060402

As the new financial year starts, the spiralling deficit in the NHS and what it means for patients, hits the headlines daily.

This edition looks at the woman who's got to play doctor - Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt.

A Blair loyalist with a cool, calm manner - has she been handed a poisoned chalice?

The Guardian's Michael White profiles Patricia Hewitt, who's leading the charge for value for money in the NHS.

But will she get the support she needs?

0114Romano Prodi2006040820060409

Italians go to the polls this weekend, and the man tipped to replace Silvio Berlusconi is Romano Prodi, familiar in Britain for his shaky leadership of the EU.

Known to his political enemies as Mr Mortadella and to supporters as the Professor, Prodi has a kindly manner which belies a fierce intellect and ambition.

Supporters say he is a better Prime Minister than he is a candidate.

The programme describes the mysterious séance during which the devoutly Catholic Prodi uncovered the location of a political ally kidnapped by the mafia, and the book Prodi recently co-authored with his wife called Together, which details their close relationship.

Mark Mardell profiles Romano Prodi - is he really Italy's Mr Clean? What would his election mean for the rest of Europe? And what answers does he have to Italy's huge problems?


The violence in Iraq hits the headlines daily, with a recent warning that the country could be descending into civil war.

This programme looks at the man who's wielding American influence there - the US Ambassador to Iraq, Zalmay Khalilzad.

Hes a complex man, a tough talker and aligned with the Bush administration and the neo conservatives.

But Khalilzad has also been described as an Orientalist.

Born in Afghanistan, he's credited with doing a good job as US ambassador there after the fall of the Taliban.

But can he do the same in Iraq? Can he bring the factions together to form a stable government and stop the violence?


David Grossman profiles Zac Goldsmith, the 31 year old multi-millionaire editor of The Ecologist.

He is also advising the Tory Party on the environment.

Zac Goldsmith is a man of contradictions.

A poker-playing, chain-smoking socialite.

The son of an arch-capitalist, yet he hates supermarkets and flying, and thinks plastic should be illegal.

Expelled from Eton aged 16, Zac has always been cynical about politicians and was once quoted as saying the only way he would vote Conservative was if he was drugged first.

Now he says of David Cameron:

"The people he has got around him, who are helping him to craft this new identity, are good people.

I am genuinely enthusiastic about him."

How can the man who once said that all unnecessary consumer products should be banned, who opposed GM food and nuclear energy, fit in with the traditional policies and free market ethos of the Conservative party? Could this be the man who turns the Tory blue to green?

0201Katharine Jefferts Schori2006062420060625

Profile returns, shining the spotlight on an individual who is making the headlines.

The programme is presented by a team of journalists and commentators who have expert knowledge of the person in question.

By talking to friends and enemies, colleagues and confidants we present a revealing insight into the personality and motivation of one of the movers and shakers of the week.

She's an expert on squid and oyster, she flies a plane to visit her flock and she's a rock climber - not skills one would normally associate with a newly appointed chief bishop.

But it's not her hobbies that have caused such a furore sending ripples across the world.

Katharine Jefferts Schori is the first woman to head the American Episcopalian Church and this week in Profile the BBC's Jane Little reveals the woman who has taken the church by storm.

0202Lakshmi Mittal2006070120060702

Jeff Randall hears from friends and foe to reveal the man behind Mittal Steel, Britain's richest man ever and owner of the world's largest steel company.

0203Tariq Ghaffur2006070820060709

Following the London bombings a year ago, Assistant Commissioner Tariq Ghaffur - Britain's most senior Muslim policeman - is profiled by Barnie Choudhury.


You couldn't make it up.

Late last year, Lech Kaczynski became Poland's President.

This week, his identical twin brother Jaroslaw was nominated as the country's Prime Minister.

In this week's Profile, Tim Whewell focuses on Europe's most unusual political partnership: the Kaczynski brothers.

They may be a gift to satirists and cartoonists but the 57 year old brothers are seasoned politicians whose Law and Justice Party is dedicated to fighting corruption and a bullish nationalist agenda.

Former child actors who then became active in Solidarity, the rise of the Kaczynskis has been nothing short of spectacular.

But how is their conservative double act affecting Poland? Outside Poland they stand accused of homophobia and intolerance.

With Poland now one of the EU's major players, what will the Kaczynski twins mean for Europe?

0205The Kaczynski Brothers2006072220060723

You couldn't make it up.

Late last year, Lech Kaczynski became Poland's President.

This week, his identical twin brother Jaroslaw was nominated as the country's Prime Minister.

In this week's Profile, Tim Whewell focuses on Europe's most unusual political partnership: the Kaczynski brothers.

In addition to the potentially tricky situation of having identical twins holding the two most powerful positions in Poland, the 57-year-old brothers are committed to a nationalist and Catholic agenda that has been criticised for its lack of tolerance.

Former child actors who then became active in Solidarity, the rise of the Kaczynskis has been nothing short of spectacular.

But how is their conservative double act affecting Poland's hard-won progressive reforms? And what does it mean for Poland's relations with the European Union?

0206Andrew Lloyd Webber2006072920060730

As Andrew Lloyd Webber begins his television hunt to cast The Sound of Music, we examine the man who divides the nation's musical tastes.

0207John Howard2006080520060806

Australian prime minister John Howard has this week announced that he is standing for a fifth term.

How has a man who could easily pass as an elderly country solicitor become such a powerful political force? Australian journalist Michael Dodd talks to friends and foe.

0208Andy Coulson2006081220060813

Nick Higham examines the man behind some of the biggest tabloid exposés of recent years, News of the World editor Andy Coulson

0209Michael Ryan2006081920060820

Simon Calder presents a profile of Michael Ryan, CEO of Ryanair.

0210John Reid2006082620060827

Simon Hoggart delves into the life of the Home Secretary John Reid, casting a satirical look at Reid's political journey from former communist to Blair's hardman.

0211Suzi Leather2006090220060903

Nick Higham profiles Dame Suzi Leather the newly appointed head of the Charity Commission.

0212Trevor Phillips2006090920060910

Elinor Goodman takes a closer look at one of the most powerful black public figures in Britain - Trevor Phillips

0213Ant And Dec2006091620060917

John Wilson uncovers the secret of the success of arguably the most powerful players in British television - duo Ant and Dec.

0214Mahmoud Ahmadinejad2006092320060924

As part of Radio 4's Uncovering Iran Season, Profile takes a look at the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

0215George Osborne2006093020061001

On the eve of the Conservative Party conference, Profile takes a look at one of the key party figures, who aspire to challenge Labour in the next election.

0216Ban Ki-moon2006100720061008

, the foreign minister of South Korea, a virtual unknown outside his own country, is almost certain to be confirmed as the successor to Kofi Annan as Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Who is he and how has he clawed his way to the top? Mike Wooldridge tells all.

0217 LAST2006101420061015
0301Sheikh Mohammed Bin Al Rashid Maktoum2006121620061217

Hugh Pym examines Sheikh Mohammed Bin Al Rashid Maktoum.

He's the King of British horse-racing, the ruler of Dubai, a poet and one of the wealthiest men in the world.

Sheikh Mo to his friends and the 'boss' to his employees, he has snapped up the London Eye, Madame Tussauds, Travelodge and is now poised to buy one of the jewels of UK sport, Liverpool Football Club.

So who is this man busy hoovering up British interests and where does he have his sights set next?

0302Charlie Mayfield2006122320061224

He's the young Turk of British business.

Not even 40, Charlie Mayfield has just been appointed chairman of John Lewis.

After serving in the Scots Guards, Mayfield switched his uniform for the city suit, got a job as a management consultant and just a few years later was head-hunted by John Lewis to join the board of directors.

So what is behind his meteoric rise? Lesley Curwen finds out.

0303Nancy Pelosi2006123020061231

Justin Webb puts the spotlight on Nancy Pelosi, the new speaker of the House of Representatives.

The 66-year-old grandmother is known for being something of a snappy dresser and for not mincing her words.

0304Lady Elizabeth Butler-sloss.2007010620070107

In the legal world, she has not been afraid to be the odd one out.

Back in the 1960s as a mother of three - in a very male domain - she set up and ran the first nursery for toddlers in the basement of the Inner Temple.

But Lady Butler-Sloss had not taken the usual path to legal eminence.

She never went to university.

Instead, she took a secretarial course and then worked her way up to the top of the judiciary becoming the first woman Justice of the Court of Appeal.

Next week, she comes out of retirement to preside over the inquest into the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed.

0305Lieutenant General David Petraeus2007011320070114

'Tell me how this ends' - the rhetorical question repeatedly posed by Lieutenant General David Petraeus as he and his troops marched on Baghdad in 2003.

Four years on, the American soldier has got to come up with some answers.

Lt Gen Petraeus - described as a unique combination of warrior and intellectual - has just been appointed the US military's most senior man in Iraq.

Robert Fox assesses why President Bush has picked him to do what's been described as one of the toughest assignments since Vietnam.

0306Barack Obama2007012020070121

America came a tiny step closer to having its first black President.

Barack Obama - the charismatic Democrat from Illinois - announced he would form an exploratory committee to start fundraising for a possible presidential bid.

Justin Webb hears about the man who appeals to mid-west housewives and hard-bitten political hacks alike.

Does Barack Obama have what it takes to get to the White House?

0307Willie Walsh2007012720070128

Security alerts, Christmas fog, clashes over a cross and planes contaminated with radioactive polonium-210.

There's been an awful lot in the in-tray of Willie Walsh since he took up the job of Chief Executive of British Airways 15 months ago.

Now the company is trying to stave off more airport chaos threatened by a cabin crew strike.

Stephen Evans takes a look at Walsh, a former pilot and union negotiator turned 'suit', who is ruffling feathers with his tough talking management style.

0308Khalid Meshal2007020320070204

Allan Little presents an insight into the life of Khalid Meshal, an elusive figure who has risen to prominence through the ranks of Hamas to become the organisation's leader and a vital component in the politics of the Middle East.

He survived an Israeli assassination attempt in 1997, which made him revered figure among Hamas supporters, and he forms an important bridgehead between the political masters of Hamas and the gunmen and bombers who enforce their authority on the streets.

0309Guido Fawkes2007021020070211
0310Duncan Fletcher2007021720070218

Duncan Fletcher became a national hero in 2005 when his England cricket team defeated Australia to take the Ashes for the first time in a generation.

Little more than a year later he'd turned into a national villain.

England had surrendered the Ashes in the most humiliating fashion, beaten 5-0 Down Under.

Then they looked utterly lost in the one-day series that followed, as they suffered defeat after defeat.

But suddenly the team turned the cricket world on its head by defeating Australia in the finals to win the one-day tournament in Sydney, and raised hopes that they would mount a decent challenge in the World Cup in March.

It could be Fletcher's last tour as England coach.

Christopher Martin-Jenkins profiles the Zimbabwean who's presided over both one of England's greatest triumphs and humiliating defeats.

0311Cressida Dick2007022420070225

Jon Silverman profiles the highest ranking woman in the Metropolitan Police, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dick

0312Ronald Cohen2007030320070304
0313Attorney General Lord Goldsmith2007031020070311

Guardian columnist and legal writer Marcel Berlins profiles Attorney General Lord Goldsmith.

0315John Bird2007032420070325

John Bird, the founder of The Big Issue

0316Charles Saumarez Smith2007033120070401

Director of the National Gallery in London.

0317Alan Johnstone2007040720070408

Alan Graham Johnston (born 17 May 1962) is a British journalist working for the BBC.

He has been the BBC's correspondent in Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and the Gaza Strip.

Johnston was kidnapped by a group of Palestinian militants on 12 March 2007, and released nearly four months later on 4 July, after Hamas' military occupation of Gaza.

0318François Bayrou2007041420070415
0319Christiana Ronaldo2007042120070422
0322 LASTBertie Ahern2007051220070513

Patrick Bartholomew "Bertie" Ahern (Irish: Pádraig Parthalán Ó hEachthairn;[1] born 12 September 1951) is an Irish politician who, since 26 June 1997, has served as the tenth Taoiseach of Ireland.

He currently heads a coalition government that is led by his Fianna Fáil party and includes the Green Party and the Progressive Democrats, with the support of independent TDs.

0401Wolfgang Wagner2007072120070722
0402Barbara Young2007072820070729

Barbara Scott Young, Baroness Young of Old Scone (born 8 April 1948) is a Labour member of the House of Lords.

She was created a life peer in 1997 as Baroness Young of Old Scone, of Old Scone in Perth and Kinross.

Lady Young of Old Scone was the chief executive of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds from 1991 to 1998, and has been chief executive of the Environment Agency since 2000.

She has been Chairman of English Nature and Vice-Chairman of the BBC.

0403Benazir Bhutto2007080420070805
0404Michel Aoun2007081120070812

Tim Llewellyn profiles Lebanese politician Michel Aoun.

0405Mitt Romney2007081820070819

Allan Little profiles Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney.

0406Portia Simpson-miller2007082520070826

David Dabydeen profiles Portia Simpson-Miller, Prime Minister of Jamaica.

0407IAN MCEWAN2007090120070902

John Mullan of UCL looks at the life and work of Booker Prize-winning novelist Ian Mcewan

0408Manuel Noriega2007090820070909

Nic Caistor looks at the life of former Panamanian leader Manuel Noriega.

0409Michael Caplan2007091520070916

Clive Coleman profiles Michael Caplan QC.

0410Mervyn King2007092220070923

BBC Business Editor Robert Peston looks at the career of Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England.


Independent film maker Evan Williams examines the shadowy figures in charge of the Burmese regime.

0412Agustin Pichot2007100620071007

John Inverdale profiles Argentine rugby captain Agustin Pichot, businessman, art collector, campaigner and olive oil producer, tipped by some as a future president of Argentina.

0413Adam Crozier2007101320071014

Oliver Morgan, freelance business and industry reporter profiles Adam Crozier, who has been running the Royal Mail since 2003, with the aim to modernise the last big government-owned company.

Implementing change is his forte.

Before the Royal Mail, Crozier was chief executive of the Football Association, where he soon made headlines when he hired the first ever foreigner to become England manager: Sven-Goran Eriksson.

0414Kevin Rudd2007102020071021

A look at the man taking on Australian PM John Howard in the November general election.

Kevin Rudd aims to get the Australian Labor Party back into power after 11 years in Opposition.

Rudd is a fluent Chinese speaker and former diplomat with a new-age agenda, focusing on issues ranging from global warming to getting the nation onto broadband.

But will his past catch up with him?

Presented by Rafael Epstein of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

0415David King2007102720071028

Science writer and broadcaster Richard Hollingham profiles David King, the Government's Chief Scientific Adviser.

0416 LAST2007110320071104
0501Phil Redmond2008010520080106

As Liverpool prepares for the launch of its year as the European Capital of Culture, James Silver looks at the life and career of soap opera king Phil Redmond, now an arts grandee promising 'real culture for real people'.

0502Ratan Tata2008011220080113

Business Correspondent Nils Blythe profiles Ratan Tata, head of India's Tata Group, an industrial giant whose interests range from steel to tea to computing, and now motor cars.

The group took over Tetley Tea in 2000 and Corus Steel in 2006, and now looks set to buy the Land Rover and Jaguar brands from Ford.

New Delhi's Auto Show this week sees the launch of its People's Car.

0503* Daniel Day-lewis2008011920080120

Profile of one of Britain's leading actors, Daniel Day-Lewis, who has just won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of a ruthless oil prospector in There Will Be Blood.

0504* Ben Bernanke2008012620080127

Stephanie Flanders, Economics Editor of Newsnight, profiles Ben Bernanke, chairman of the US Federal Reserve, who has just stunned markets with a major interest rate cut.

Can this saxophone-playing macro-economist with a deadpan humour steer the US and world economies away from depression?

0505Adair Turner2008020220080203
0507* Asif Ali Zardari2008021620080217

Kate Clark examines the life of Asif Ali Zardari, husband of the late Benazir Bhutto, who is now leading her Pakistan People's Party into Monday's election.

Born into the landholding gentry, he has a reputation for flamboyance and has spent years fighting accusations of corruption from political enemies.

Is his reputation deserved, or is he the victim of character assassination?

0508Michael Martin2008022320080224

Michael Cockerell tells the story of Michael Martin, speaker of the Commons.

A former sheet metal worker from Glasgow, Martin used to be seen as a New Labour working-class hero who could put the party back in touch with its roots outside Westminster.

Now, however, his parliamentary perks are becoming the subject of increasing scrutiny.

0509Michelle Obama2008030120080302

Colleagues and friends discuss Michelle Obama's influence on her husband's campaign and trace her journey from a childhood in working-class Chicago to the brink of the White House.

0510Nick Clegg2008030820080309

BBC Kathmandu correspondent Charles Haviland examines the history and culture of the Gurkhas, who are recruited from four ethnic groups in the Nepalese Himalayas.

He explores their combat record in the British army and their reputation around the world.

Next Wednesday some three thousand Gurkhas are expected to gather outside parliament to demand the right to stay in the United Kingdom after retirement from the army.

0512Simba Makoni2008032220080323

BBC Johannesburg correspondent Peter Biles profiles Simba Makoni, Robert Mugabe's former finance minister who is standing against the president in this week's election.

0513Britney Spears2008032920080330

Paul Henley profiles troubled pop phenomenon Britney Spears, who has made headlines in recent months for reasons far removed from her musical career.

Divorce, a bitter custody battle for her two children and her admission to a psychiatric ward in a Los Angeles hospital have all eclipsed the success she continues to enjoy.

Can Britney overcome her demons and make the personal comeback her fans are hoping for?

0514Comte Jacques Rogge2008040520080406

Gordon Farquhar assesses the form of Comte Jacques Rogge and asks if he is strong enough to smooth the path of the Olympic torch as it makes its way to Beijing.

0515Peter Robinson2008041220080413

David McKittrick looks at the life and career of the Democratic Unionist Party's deputy leader Peter Robinson, who is likely to replace Ian Paisley as party leader and First Minister of Northern Ireland next month.

The youngest ever MP when first elected, he has amassed a formidable track record as long-standing MP for East Belfast, Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly and, until recently, Alderman of Castlereagh Council.

0516 LAST* Giles Clarke2008041920080420

Sybil Ruscoe profiles Giles Clarke, chairman of the England and Wales Cricket Board.

Former City golden boy Clarke co-founded upmarket off-licence chain Majestic Wine and made another fortune with the PetCity business.

It was Clarke who first negotiated the rights deal which took cricket off terrestrial TV.

He now faces the challenge of the Indian Premier League and the riches on offer to the world's top players.

0601Arthur Ryan2008062120080622

The spotlight falls on Arthur Ryan, who has steered clothes chain Primark to top of the UK retail sales league.

Tanya Datta is on the trail of the man behind 'Prim-ani'.

0602Thabo Mbeki2008062820080629

Grant Ferrett looks at the life of South African President Thabo Mbeki.

He took on the unenviable challenge of stepping into Nelson Mandela's shoes in 1999, but to many he seems more comfortable in the back rooms of political power.

0603Michael Nazir Ali *2008070520080706

Mishal Husein looks at Michael Nazir Ali, Bishop of Rochester.

0604Colin Myler *2008071220080713

Mishal Husain looks at the personality and career of News of the World editor Colin Myler.

0605Luis Moreno-ocampo2008071920080720

Brian Hanrahan looks at Luis Moreno-Ocampo, Chief Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

He made his reputation as deputy public prosecutor in the trial of former members of Argentina's military government, the first trial for the mass killing of civilians since Nuremberg.

His recent announcement that he is seeking an arrest warrant for the President of Sudan has attracted controversy.

0606Susan Rice2008072620080727

Mishal Husain looks at Susan Rice, a rising star in Barack Obama's inner circle of policy advisors.

As Director of Peacekeeping at the National Security Council, Rice was criticised for not taking enough of a hard line during the Rwandan genocide in 1994.

Three years later she became Assistant Secretary of State for Africa under Bill Clinton.

Recently she has taken a tough stance on Sudan, advocating US military force.

0607Lord Colin Moynihan2008080220080803
0608* * *2008080920080810
0609Mikheil Saakashvili * * *2008081620080817

Claire Bolderson looks at the career of Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili.

Since coming to power in 2003, the American-educated leader has been a staunch ally of the West.

What do the events of the last week reveal about him?

0610Jon Stewart2008082320080824
0611Jude Kelly2008083020080831
0612Alistair Darling2008090620080907
0613Damien Hirst2008091320080914

John Wilson, presenter of Radio 4's Front Row, profiles Damien Hirst.

Explaining the controversy behind Hirst's forthcoming auction at Sotheby's next week, Wilson attempts to get under the skin of the man who only got at an E grade in his Art A-level.

0614Henry Paulson2008092020080921
0615Steve Gibson2008092720080928

Profile looks at Steve Gibson, David Cameron's director of strategy and the man credited with successfully rebranding the Conservative Party.

The son of Hungarian immigrants, the former Saatchi ad man and marketing expert is known for shunning the limelight and being more at home in jeans than a suit.

Interviewees including Tim Allan, a friend and former adversary as an adviser to Tony Blair, consider what lies behind his influence.


Hugh Pym profiles Sir Victor Blank, the chairman of Lloyds TSB.

Thanks to recent events, Sir Victor Blank could come to be regarded as the man that kept the British economy afloat, with the UK financial markets hanging on his decision to buy up HBOS.

0617 LASTDavid Triesman2008101120081012

Rob Bonnet profiles Lord David Triesman, the former university radical who is now Chairman of the Football Association.

He discovers how this one-time trade union leader, General Secretary of the Labour Party and fanatical Tottenham Hotspur supporter is now trying to curb the excesses of professional football.

He has already clashed with the Premier League over players' commitments, and is now warning that even the biggest clubs could be overtaken by debt.

0701Simon Cowell2008121320081214

With his sights set on a fourth consecutive Christmas number one single, X-Factor supremo Simon Cowell remains one of the most powerful figures in the British music business.

Colin Patterson talks to Pete Waterman, former X-Factor winner Steve Brookstein and Cowell's own family to find out how he has come to dominate the music industry and our television schedules.

0702Dame Liz Forgan2008122020081221

Sheena Mcdonald profiles Dame Liz Forgan, named this week as the first woman to chair the Arts Council.

She began her career as a journalist and rose at some speed through the ranks to become one of the most powerful figures in British broadcasting, responsible for Channel 4 News, Dispatches and the launch of BBC Radio 5 Live as a news and current affairs-driven channel.

0704Rahm Emanuel2009010320090104
0705Kevin Pietersen2009011020090111

A profile of Kevin Pietersen, who has left his job as captain of the England cricket team.

An aggressive batsman on the pitch and equally high-profile off it, he has made a striking impact on the English game, challenging the traditionalists with his self-assured approach.

0706Alan Milburn2009011720090118
0707George Mitchel2009012420090125
0708Sara Payne2009013120090201

Chris Bowlby profiles Sara Payne, whose daughter, Sarah, was murdered by a paedophile in July 2000.

Sara Payne has been appointed Victims' Champion by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, working from a desk in Whitehall, promoting the rights of victims of crime in a new government initiative.

Chris charts the emergence of Payne as a voice for victims from terrible personal tragedy to a symbol of victimhood for both the media and the government.

0709Greg Stemm2009020720090208

Stephen Sackur profiles Greg Stemm, the American behind the controversial exploration of HMS Victory in the English Channel.

The ship, the predecessor to Nelson's Victory, sank in 1744 with the loss of over 1000 lives.

Stemm and his company, Odyssey, have already recovered two rare bronze cannon and are seeking permission from the British authorities to raise the rest of the cargo, which may include valuable treasure.

Stephen talks to crew members from Stemm's exploration team, as well as marine archaeologists, about the man who started off as Bob Hope's PR agent, but always dreamt of underwater exploration.

0710John Mcfall * *2009021420090215

Stephen Sackur profiles John McFall, the chairman of the House of Commons Treasury Committee, who has been grilling the top bankers at the heart of the economic crisis.

A former teacher, McFall, Labour MP for West Dumbartonshire, has chaired the committee for eight years.

Stephen hears from those who have been called to his study, including the Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy.

0711M I A2009022120090222

Stephen Sackur profiles MIA, the British-born Tamil singer and artist who has become known for her fiery and politicised style of songwriting and has been nominated for an Oscar for the song she contributed to the soundtrack of Slumdog Millionaire.

Stephen hears about MIA from friends, family and fellow musicians and asks if, amid the success and the hype, she is the real deal or whether she may be just another world music flash in the pan.

0712Bobby Jindal2009022820090301

Claire Bolderson profiles Bobby Jindal, the young Indian-American governor of Louisiana who was chosen to give the Republican response to President Obama's Congressional address on the economy.

Born and raised a Hindu, Jindal converted to Catholicism as a teenager.

The former Rhodes Scholar has since made a name for himself as a conservative Republican, opposing abortion, gay marriage and stem cell research, while advocating the teaching of intelligent design in schools.

Claire hears from those who knew, and have tracked the career of, this rising star who has been tipped by some as a potential presidential candidate in 2012.

0713Pen Hadow *2009030720090308

Mary Ann Sieghart profiles the Polar explorer Pen Hadow.

Mary Ann Sieghart profiles the Polar explorer Pen Hadow, who is leading the Catlin Arctic Survey to determine the likely meltdown date of the ice cap.

The British trailblazer and his team will drag a mobile radar unit more than 1000 kilometres as they trek to the North Pole.

Hadow, a self-confessed 'tortured soul', has been criticised by some in the past for his so-called reckless behaviour.

But his current trip, he insists, is not about exploration, but about gathering scientific data that could be crucial to our understanding of climate change.

Mary Ann hears from friends and family of this enigmatic explorer.

Series of profiles of people who are currently making headlines.

0714Declan Ganley2009031420090315
0715Sir Liam Donaldson2009032120090322
0716Richard Holbrooke2009032820090329
0717Zaha Hadid2009040420090405
0718* *2009041120090412
0719Jacob Zuma2009041820090419
0720 LASTPhillip Blond * *2009042520090426

Chris Bowlby profiles Philip Blond, the theologian who has become an unexpected new influence on Conservative Party policy.

He has moved from teaching theology in Cumbria to telling the Tories to abandon free market idolatry and do more for the poor.

Chris hears how the man who calls himself a 'Red Tory' hopes to change political debate.

0802Silvio Berlusconi * *2009070420090705

Jonathan Maitland profiles Silvio Berlusconi

Jonathan Maitland profiles Silvio Berlusconi, who hosts the latest G8 summit in the wake of accusations of hiring prostitutes, as well as corruption and media interference.

However, he still manages to remain popular with Italian voters.

Jonathan asks what is it about Berlusconi that has made him so successful and if those talents are enough to ensure that he survives the current controversy about his private life.

0803Andy Coulson2009071120090712

It is said a spin doctor should never become the story.

But David Cameron's Communications Director, Andy Coulson, has been catapulted into the spotlight after News of the World staff were accused of paying private investigators to intercept the phone messages of politicians and celebrities while he was the editor.

James Silver examines the life a man whose job is to create headlines rather than be the subject of them.

James Silver examines the life of Andy Coulson, former editor of the News of the World.

0804Sonia Sotomayor * *2009071820090719

Claire Bolderson profiles Sonia Sotomayor.

Nominated to the Supreme Court by President Obama, Sotomayor would, if confirmed by the Senate, become the first Hispanic - and only the third woman - to hold a seat in the highest court in the United States.

Claire Bolderson profiles Sonia Sotomayor, President Obama's nominee for the Supreme Court.

0805Peter Gabriel *2009072520090726

Clive Coleman profiles Peter Gabriel.

He came to fame - and fortune - as the extravagantly-dressed lead singer of Genesis, before launching a successful solo career.

But Gabriel has pushed many other frontiers, notably helping to found the World Music festival WOMAD.

He has also experimented with new technologies, brought elder statesmen together and campaigned for human rights.

Clive hears from Archbishop Desmond Tutu, former Irish President Mary Robinson and Peter Gabriel's mother about what makes him tick.

0806Sebastian Coe * *2009080120090802

Seb Coe was victorious on the running track, gaining gold for the UK.

Later in life he won again - bringing home the Olympic Games for London 2012 - now just three years away.

But what of the years in between? A stint as a Tory MP resulted in a lost seat.

This was followed by a short spell as William Hague's 'chief of staff'.

How did Coe re-invent himself as the champion of Britain, the underdog, in its battle against Paris for the laurel crown?

Clive Coleman hears from Coe's geography teacher, Ken Livingstone and his former boss and judo partner William Hague about what kind of man Sebastian Coe really is.

Clive Coleman hears about what kind of man Sebastian Coe really is.

0807James Murdoch * *2009080820090809

Clive Coleman profiles the media modul James Murdoch, son of Rupert and a growing influence within News Corp.

He is an unusual business giant; he is young, has an interest in green issues and was the founder of a rap music studio, launching new acts onto the New York scene.

But his biggest contribution to popular culture has been his development of the satellite broadcaster BSkyB, which now boasts a 40 per cent share of the UK television market.

Clive Coleman profiles the media mogul James Murdoch.

0808Hamid Karzai * *2009081520090816

Lucy Ash profiles Hamid Karzai, president of Afghanistan and almost certain to win the forthcoming election there.

Karzai is in a difficult position, though; he has to appeal to Western powers embroiled in military efforts to extend his authority across his country, but also to war-weary Afghans, who resent foreign interference and want a return to ancient tribal traditions and values.

It is a complex balancing act requiring courage, leadership and character.

Lucy Ash asks if he is up to it.

Featuring contributions from Christina Lamb, Rory Stewart, Jason Amerine, Afghan friends of Karzai, Elizabeth Rubin, Jawed Ludin and Christopher Alexander.

Lucy Ash profiles Hamid Karzai, president of Afghanistan.

0809Neil Morrissey * *2009082220090823

Jonathan Maitland profiles the actor Neil Morrissey, who was rescued from an introverted childhood by the stage and television.

He captured a global market with Bob The Builder and invested his money in brewing and in property, with rather less success.

As his latest play, Rain Man, opens in Bath, he has found himself having to promise his creditors that he will avoid bankruptcy in order to pay them back.

Featuring contributions from Martin Clunes, his business partner Richard Fox and the producers of Men Behaving Badly and Bob The Builder.

0810* *2009082920090830
0811Alex Salmond2009090520090906

Jonathan Maitland profiles Alex Salmond, Scotland's First Minister and the leader of the SNP.

Salmond is a private man with a very public image.

Passionate about horse racing and renewable energy, he a pragmatic nationalist, a leader who reshaped his party and then abruptly left as leader in 2000, only to return four years later.

So who is the real Alex Salmond and how serious is he about pursuing Scottish independence?

Jonathan Maitland profiles Alex Salmond, SNP leader and Scotland's First Minister.

0812Angela Merkel2009091220090913

Mary Ann Sieghart profiles Germany's Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

She has gone from being Helmut Kohl's 'little girl' to one of the world's most influential stateswomen.

Forbes Magazine recently declared Ms Merkel to be the most powerful woman in the world for the fourth time.

All the opinion polls indicate that she will remain as Chancellor after the latest elections.

So how did this physicist from a small town in East Germany become a world leader?

0813Christopher Bailey2009091920090920

Mary Ann Sieghart profiles fashion designer Christopher Bailey, the Yorkshire lad who made his mark in New York and Milan before returning to rescue Burberry from the unwanted attention of the chavs.

0814Keir Starmer2009092620090927

, the Director of Public Prosecutions, is in the spotlight.

As the DPP announces new guidelines on assisted suicide, Clive Coleman traces Starmer's progression through the legal ranks, and looks at his blue-collar origins, unashamed political commitments and passion for football.

Keir Starmer, the Director of Public Prosecutions, is in the spotlight.

0815Sarah Brown2009100320091004

Claire Bolderson profiles Sarah Brown, the wife of the prime minister.

She introduced him at the Labour Party Conference again this year and she is growing in popularity among delegates and activists who warm to her personality and read her Twitter messages with interest.

But is she simply a 'first lady' who owes her influence to her husband's political status, or is she successfully carving out a career behind the scenes, working on her many charities and restoring some of the political ground that the Labour Party has lost?

We talk to childhood friends, former colleagues and those who know her now.

0816Alexander Lebedev2009101020091011

Stephen Sackur profiles Alexander Lebedev, the Russian owner of the London Evening Standard.

He traces Lebedev's origins, from KGB officer at the Russian Embassy in London to billionaire businessman, socialite and political liberal.

Whatever could he want with the Evening Standard?

Stephen Sackur profiles Alexander Lebedev, the owner of the London Evening Standard.

0817Sir Thomas Legg2009101720091018

is the lawyer who has been combing through the past five years of MPs' expenses.

The letters he sent out to MPs about their claims have surprised and angered many of them.

Chris Bowlby takes a closer look at the retired, unknown civil servant, who is suddenly at the centre of a media and political storm.

Chris Bowlby takes a look at the man at the centre of a political storm on MPs expenses.

0818Armando Iannucci2009102420091025

Mary Ann Sieghart profiles Armando Iannucci, the comedian and writer behind satirical comedies including On The Hour, I'm Alan Partridge and The Thick of It.

0819 LASTJose Manuel Barroso *2009103120091101

Edward Stourton takes a closer look at the life and career of the President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso.

Edward Stourton profiles the President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso.

0902Sir Roderic Lyne2010010920100110

Starting next week some of those most closely involved in the decision to go to war in Iraq will be appearing before the Chilcot Inquiry.

Mary Ann Sieghart profiles Sir Roderic Lyne, the Iraq Inquiry panellist who is asking the toughest questions.

He is a former Ambassador to Moscow and private secretary to John Major.

Alastair Campbell has been a running buddy.

So how tough will Sir Roderic be with his friends and former colleagues?

Mary Ann Sieghart profiles Sir Roderic Lyne, the Iraq Inquiry panellist.

Starting next week some of those most closely involved in the decision to go to war in Iraq will be appearing before the Chilcot Inquiry. Mary Ann Sieghart profiles Sir Roderic Lyne, the Iraq Inquiry panellist who is asking the toughest questions. He is a former Ambassador to Moscow and private secretary to John Major. Alastair Campbell has been a running buddy. So how tough will Sir Roderic be with his friends and former colleagues?

0906Vincent Nichols, Archbishop Of Westminster2010020620100207

Clive Coleman profiles Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster.

In a week in which the Pope has attacked UK equality laws, Clive looks at the leader of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales.

Who were his influences and what is his vision for the Church?

Interviewees include Clifford Longley, whose daughter's wedding he officiated, and Austin Ivereigh, former press secretary to his predecessor, Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor.

0907Rajendra Pachauri2010021320100214

Jonathan Maitland profiles Rajendra Pachauri, a key player in the climate change debate.

As the head of the UN's climate change panel, he is coming under increasing fire for a glaring error in the IPCC reporting on glaciers.

Pechauri's critics also claim that his business interests - as a consultant to energy industry giants - could represent a conflict of interest.

But his supporters say he's a tireless champion in alerting people to the impact of climate change on developing nations.

Jonathan Maitland profiles Rajendra Pachauri, the head of the UN's climate change panel.

0908George Papandreou2010022020100221

Jonathan Maitland profiles the Greek prime minister George Papandreou, the man whose job it is to steer his country through its economic crisis.

He comes from a long political dynasty: both his father and grandfather also held the top job in Greece.

George Papandreou Jnr has led an eventful life; as a teenager he had a gun pointed to his head during an army coup.

But is he tough enough to deal with his country's vast public debts?

Interviewees include Baroness Kinnock and Papandreou's brother, Nikos.

Jonathan Maitland profiles the Greek prime minister George Papandreou.

0909Sir Gus O'donnell2010022720100228

Mary Ann Sieghart profiles the Cabinet Secretary Sir Gus O'donnell

0910Tidjane Thiam2010030620100307

Mary Ann Sieghart profiles Tidjane Thiam, the Ivory Coast-born chief executive of Prudential.

He is the first black person to head a FTSE 100 company and describes himself as 'African, francophone and 6ft 4ins'.

Others describe him as 'the most interesting man in insurance'.

This week he brokered a deal which could make his company the biggest insurer in South East Asia.

Mary Anne Sieghart profiles Tidjane Thiam, the chief executive of Prudential.

Series of profiles of people who are currently making headlines.

0911Baroness Catherine Ashton2010031320100314

James Silver profiles one of the world's most powerful female politicians, Baroness Catherine Ashton.

Since her appointment as the EU's first High Representative for Foreign Affairs, the British politician has come under attack for not being up to the job.

She has been in the headlines again over her controversial plans for a European diplomatic service and an upcoming visit to Gaza.

So how has this former head of a health authority become such a significant global figure without being elected, and why does she have a life-size dalek in her living room?

James Silver profiles Baroness Catherine Ashton.

0912Lord Saville2010032020100321
0913Philip Pullman2010032720100328

Jonathan Maitland profiles the writer Philip Pullman, whose latest book 'The Good Man Jesus and The Scoundrel Christ' has prompted letters damning him to eternal hell - even though it has yet to be published.

Pullman is no stranger to controversy: the film of the first book in the trilogy 'His Dark Materials' outraged influential American Catholics who campaigned to get the dramatisation of his next two books shelved.

Jonathan Maitland profiles the writer Philip Pullman

0914Bob Crow2010040320100404

Mary Ann Sieghart profiles Bob Crow, General Secretary of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers, who is at the centre of threatened strikes on Britain's railways.

Regarded by some as a member of 'the Awkward Squad', a group of left-wing union leaders who came to power in the last ten years, Crow has been called 'a dinosaur', 'a bully', 'a thug' and probably even worse.

Some have suggested he revels in the notoriety which has been heaped upon him by commuters, New Labour and even fellow union leaders and that he enjoys playing the pantomime villain.

Under his leadership the RMT has become one of the fastest growing unions in Britain.

Those who've met him say he is polite, charming and considerate - a good man to have on your side but not someone you would like to work against.

He was born in East London and started work on London Underground in 1978.

He joined the National Union of Railwaymen and has never looked back.

He was elected General Secretary of the RMT in 2002 following the death of Jimmy Knapp, with the biggest winning margin in the union's history.

With contributions from Tim O'Toole (former Managing Director of London Underground), Tom Winsor (former Rail Regulator), the Labour MP Ian Davidson and transport journalist Christian Wolmar.

Mary Ann Sieghart profiles Bob Crow, General Secretary of the transport union, the RMT.

0915Julius Malema2010041020100411
0916Dominique Strauss-kahn2010041720100418

Chris Bowlby profiles France's Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the charismatic head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and a man many say is destined to become the next President of France.

When Dominique Strauss-Kahn, DSK as he is known, took charge of the IMF in 2007 many thought his political career was finished.

A man described variously as a 21st century Metternich, a champagne socialist and a dilettante, DSK had failed in a bid to become the Socialist party's candidate in the 2006 French Presidential election.

But his response to the global financial crisis in which he has skillfully positioned the IMF as a key player, has earned him European and international accolades.

And in recent months he has played a crucial role in using IMF clout to help stabilize the failing Greek economy.

Along the way the man nicknamed chaud lapin" (hot rabbit) has survived a sex scandal and a very public divorce.

Now many commentators, who had written him off politically, are seeing DSK as a strong candidiate to emerge as President when France goes to the polls in 2012.

Chris Bowlby profiles Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Director of the International Monetary Fund.".

0917 LASTLloyd Blankfein2010042420100425

Edward Stourton profiles Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs, the highly successful but controversial global investment bank at the centre of fraud allegations.

Lloyd Blankfein looks like a classic American success story, rising from a tough upbringing to head the top Goldman Sachs bank.

But the economic crisis and allegations of fraud have challenged the bank's mythical reputation.

Edward Stourton profiles the man at the centre of that storm.

Edward Stourton profiles Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of investment bank Goldman Sachs.

1001Eric Pickles2010062620100627

As spending cuts loom over town hall budgets, the first of a new series of 'Profile' focuses on the man who will wield the axe: Communities and Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles.

His bluff northern charm has won him many admirers as well as adversaries throughout a political career that began in Bradford Council more than thirty years ago.

But critics say as leader of Bradford City Council he championed swingeing spending cuts and outsourcing of services.

Reporter Gerry Northam speaks to friends and foes of the man once dubbed the 'Beast of Bradford' and asks how he will handle his responsibilities on the national stage.

Producer Andy Denwood.

What makes Tory political heavyweight Eric Pickles tick? Gerry Northam reports.

1002Sir Hugh Orde2010070320100704

He is the straight talking, marathon running public face of the police service.

Sir Hugh Orde - president of the Association of Chief Police Officers - has warned budget cuts announced by the government could mean less officers on the beat.

It's another crisis for the senior officer who has taken charge of some of the UK's most politically sensitive beats.

From tackling black on black gun crime in London to running the Police Service of Northern Ireland, close colleagues reveal the inside track on some of the major moments in his career and how he has learned to deal with conflict.

Labelled the king of the one liners, we hear something of the private man and how even a major criminal investigation did not stand in the way of him running one of his beloved marathons

Reporter - Gerry Northam, Producer - Paul Grant.

Gerry Northam profiles Sir Hugh Orde, head of the Association of Chief Police Officers.

1003Mark Serwotka2010071020100711
1004Rt Rev John Broadhurst2010071720100718

Lord Black of Crossharbour, the press baron who owned the Daily Telegraph was sentenced to six and half years in jail two years ago.

This week, he astonished his detractors when he was released on appeal.

Convicted of defrauding shareholders, the unrepentant Lord is now threatening to wreak vengeance on the foes he believes are responsible for his spectacular fall from grace.

Michael Cockerell revisits a Profile he first made in 2007 and follows the latest twist in the astonishing story of Conrad Black.

He asks if the man who admires Napoleon can make good on his threats to return to rout his enemies.

Conrad Black is back.

Michael Cockerell asks: will the fallen press baron slay his foes?

1006Julian Assange2010073120100801

Julian Assange is the controversial editor-in-chief and public face of Wikileaks, the website that publishes sensitive documents, whilst protecting their sources.

It's dominated this week's headlines following the release online of over 90,000 secret military reports from Afghanistan, and is accused of having blood on its hands.

The documents give insights into military operations, and reveal there have been more civilian casualties than previously acknowledged.

Some material also reveals the names of Afghan informers, and Assange is being held responsible for putting people's lives at risk and endangering national security.

An Australian, Julian Assange first gained notoriety in the 1990s when he was charged with dozens of computer hacking offences.

Little is known about his upbringing, but his parents ran a puppet theatre and he's believed to have moved school dozens of times.

The organisation he founded in 2006 has no headquarters, no offices and little formal structure.

Assange again leads a nomadic lifestyle moving around Europe, saying he fears arrest if he returns to America - in April, the website released graphic, classified footage of an American helicopter gunship killing Iraqis in a Baghdad, and had previously revealed a classified US manual from Guantanamo Bay.

Admired by some for protecting whistle-blowers and puncturing state secrecy, Assange has been attacked by others for an irresponsible attitude, driven by ideology and prepared to accept 'collateral damage'.

1007Paul Kagame2010080720100808

On Monday Rwanda goes to the polls, amid claims that the Hutu opposition has been brutally quashed, and free speech stifled by President Paul Kagame and the majority Tutsi government.

The man who has led this tiny landlocked state since the genocide in 1994, taking it from basket case to emerging African success story, has been seen as a saviour, steering a traumatised country to democracy.

He outlawed talk of ethnicity or division, and instilled discipline and ambition in colleagues and citizens alike.

Aid money has been spent effectively: 19 out of 20 children are in school, the country has a health system.

He changed the official language from French to English, banned plastic bags, and is pushing broadband internet connections.

Sleeping little, Kagame reads voraciously about economic successes like Singapore or Korea, and has transformed Kigali into a clean and modern capital city.

He uses a PR agency, has a facebook page, and occasionally tweets: but he's also accused of censorship and control of the media.

Once praised by Clinton and Blair as a leader, Kagame is now under attack for banning political parties, and the unexplained and brutal murders of opposition politicians and journalists.

Almost uniquely among Africa leaders, Kagame faces no personal allegations of corruption or nepotism.

Kagame wants another term of office, and will get it.

He denies any involvement in the assassinations, but says that the scale of the horror experience in Rwanda means the country needs a strong hand, and that the West doesn't understand.

Nigel Thompson profiles the man behind Rwanda's extraordinary story.

Producer, Samantha Fenwick.

Rwanda is an economic success story, but is President Paul Kagame also a brutal dictator?

1008Michael Gove2010081420100815
1009Louise Casey2010082120100822
1010Dr Muhammad Elbaradei2010082820100829
1011Pope Benedict Vxi2010090420100905

Who is Pope Benedict VXI? Jane Little delves into his background to find out.

Who is Pope Benedict VXI? Ahead of his visit to the UK, former BBC religious affairs correspondent Jane Little delves into his background to paint a portrait of a man many people know little about.

The Catholic Church is facing one of its biggest challenges in recent history as one sexual abuse scandal after another emerges in countries from Ireland to Germany to the US.

Critics are accusing the Church of cover-ups and are angry that the Pope has failed to issue an apology.

Some observers are suggesting the Pope will be met with some hostility when he comes to the UK in September.

Can the leader of 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide deal with the controversy, if protests happen, and does he have the temperament and personality to heal the cracks that are threatening the very fabric of his Church? Jane Little talks to former colleagues and students of this very devout Pope to find out.

1012John Yates2010091120100912
1013Danny Alexander2010091820100919

Jonathan Maitland profiles Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury in the coalition government and Liberal Democrat who will wield the axe as the UK enters a new age of austerity.

Alexander emerged from a background in communications and a short career as a politician --he was first elected to a Highlands seat in 2005 --to become Treasury Chief Secretary.

It is a post that many commentators say makes Danny Alexander the third most powerful man in government, after the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer and ahead of his own boss the Deputy Prime Minister.

So how did a man whose last job outside of politics was to run communications for the Cairngorms National Park get so far so fast? And how will he fare once the cuts he is overseeing begin to take hold? Jonathan Maitland talks to his family, his friends and political commentators about the MP from Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey.

Jonathan Maitland profiles Danny Alexander, Lib Dem MP and Treasury Chief Secretary.

Series of profiles of people who are currently making headlines.

1014Danny Alexander20100919

Jonathan Maitland profiles Danny Alexander, Lib Dem MP and Treasury Chief Secretary.

1014Eric Daniels2010092520100926

, CEO of Lloyds, Britain's biggest retail bank, who announced this week that he will retire in 12 months with an estimated £13 million pay off package.

He's the last survivor of the big banking beasts - Fred "the Shred" Goodwin and co - who were at the helm when the banking crisis struck.

Daniels is still being pursued by angry shareholders who saw their stake plummet after he presided over the Lloyds takeover of HBOS.

A heavy smoking, cricket-loving American, of Chinese/German parentage, Eric Daniels won a reputation as the quiet man, a safe pair of hands, risk averse: the archetypal boring banker.

That was before Gordon Brown persuaded him and his chairman at Lloyds to take on HBOS at the hight of the banking crisis.

Triumph rapidly turned to disaster.

As the Independent Banking Commission this week reveals its plans to re-shape the banking sector, Morland Sanders profiles a respected City figure, and through Daniels' story, throws a revealing light on Britain's recent banking culture and crisis.

Producer: Andy Denwood

Presenter: Morland Sanders.

Eric Daniels, CEO of Lloyds, to leave with a reputed 13m pound pay off.

, CEO of Lloyds, to leave with a reputed 13m pound pay off.

Eric Daniels, CEO of Lloyds, Britain's biggest retail bank, who announced this week that he will retire in 12 months with an estimated £13 million pay off package.

1015Dilma Rousseff2010100220101003

Brazilians go to the polls this weekend, to elect a new president, replacing the charismatic Lula da Silva.

And, with Dilma Rousseff far ahead in the polls, it looks like the country could get its first female leader.

It's been an amazing journey for Rousseff, the daughter of a Bulgarian immigrant.

In the 1960's, she joined a revolutionary urban guerrilla group after the military coup, and was imprisoned and tortured.

She is now seen as Lula's successor, nicknamed 'The Iron Lady', though there are questions about her own public charisma and in which direction she will take this booming country of 200 million people.

If she wins, she could become one of the world's most powerful leaders.

Series of profiles of people who are currently making headlines.

1016Yvette Cooper2010100920101010

Shadow Foreign Secretary.

1017Iain Duncan Smith2010101620101017

Mary Ann Sieghart profiles the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith

Mary Ann Sieghart profiles Iain Duncan Smith whose Work and Pensions Department will be hit during next week's Spending Review.

His proposed welfare reforms have been described as 'the biggest since the war-time work of Beveridge' and a white paper is expected after the Spending Review.

Iain Duncan Smith started out briefly in industry after leaving the army where he served twice in Northern Ireland.

His father was a famous World War II flying ace and his mother a ballerina.

In the 1990s, he was best-known as one of the Tory party's most strident euro-sceptic MPs.

His short two year leadership of the Conservative party was mostly unsuccessful.

The "quiet man" was unable to unite his party.

But it was during this time that Iain Duncan Smith began to see the need for welfare reform.

After he was ousted from the leadership he set up the Centre for Social Justice and is credited with forming much of David Cameron's social agenda.

Mary Ann Sieghart talks to his political allies and foes, long-standing friends and the people who began to change his political direction.

Producer : Rosamund Jones.

1018 LASTGlenn Beck2010102320101024

Mary Ann Sieghart profiles provocative US talk show host, Glenn Beck.

, the provocative tv and radio talk show host, represents the polarised politics of American media.

Those who like him describe him as an 'inspiration' and those that don't call him 'toxic'.

His TV show on Fox News averages a daily audience of two million viewers.

Beck doesn't shy away from controversy, recently describing progressivism as "the cancer in America eating our Constitution" and referring to President Obama as having "a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture".

Along with Sarah Palin, he's often invoked as a spiritual leader by the Tea Party Movement

Mary Ann Sieghart looks at the man who grew up in small town America as a Catholic, became a disc jockey in his home town of Mount Vernon at the age of 13, converted to mormonism and now runs a multimedia empire.

1101Lady Gaga2010122520101226

Stephen Smith profiles Lady Gaga and her dizzying dash to global pop music dominance.

The numbers are staggering: more than 1 billion music video online hits, record sales of more than 50 million, number 7 on the Forbes List of the world's 100 most influential women.

Not bad at all for 24 year old Stefani Germanotta, a girl from New York's Lower East Side whom the world now knows as Lady Gaga.

In this week's Christmas day Profile, Stephen Smith follows Germanotta's story from rebellious, classically trained pianist to pop's newest and hottest icon.

1102Prince William20110101

The royal wedding this year will bring Prince William back to Westminster Abbey, the place where he first attracted global attention as the son mourning his mother's tragic death.

Since then he has had to negotiate his relations with the Spencer and Windsor families, and follow the carefully constructed training of the man likely to be king.

His time as a student, professional and military careers have all been steps on this path.

So how difficult an inheritance has this been? And what does the preparation of William the young prince tell us about plans for the future role and image of the monarchy?

In this week's Profile, Chris Bowlby considers the mix of family duty, personal choice and careful PR that has gone into the making of Prince William.

Producer: Daniel Tetlow.

1103Mark Zuckerberg.2011010820110109

Profile this week is Facebook co-founder and Chief Executive, Mark Zuckerberg.

With new investment by Goldman Sachs, the company is now valued at 50 billion dollars.

But how much do we know about the man behind it all? Is he really the character portrayed in recent film, The Social Network? And what next for the 26-year-old now thought to be the world's youngest billionaire?

An insight into the character of an influential figure making news headlines.

Reporter Morland Sanders, producer Rob Cave.

1104Colin Firth2011011520110116

An insight into the character of an influential figure making news headlines.

Presenter: Gerry Northam,

Producer: Gail Champion.

1105Andy Coulson2011012220110123
1106Sayeeda Warsi2011012920110130
1111John Galliano2011030520110306

An insight into the character of an influential figure making news headlines.

1112Foreign Secretary, William Hague2011031220110313

William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, who's been criticised over Libya this week.

He's a popular figure in the Conservative Party and a key player in the Coalition, but this week the Foreign Secretary, William Hague, was criticised after a bungled SAS mission into Libya.

The Prime Minister has defended him, but others are asking whether Hague still has a passion for politics at the highest level.

As Tory leader in 2001, he led his party to a crushing defeat and announced his resignation the day after the election.

Over the next few years, he enjoyed a rise in popularity, probably helped by appearances on the TV show, 'Have I Got News for You'.

Now, back at the top of the political game, he's again facing challenges which are testing his mettle.

1113Marine Le Pen2011031920110320

1114Amr Moussa2011032620110327
1116Ai Weiwei2011040920110410
1117Rebekah Brooks2011041620110417

Edward Stourton profiles the Chief Executive of News International, Rebekah Brooks.

In the week that the News of the World has come under intense scrutiny over phone hacking allegations, Edward Stourton profiles the News International Chief Executive Rebekah Brooks, and asks how she has become one of the most powerful women in Britain today.

Producer: Ben Crighton.

1118 LASTMartin Amis2011042320110424
1201Bashar Al-assad2011062520110626

Series of profiles of people who are currently making headlines, with Simon Cox.

Producer Ian MuirCochrane.

As President Assad battles to hold Syria, is he by nature a reformer or an autocrat?

Bashar al-Assad of Syria is facing a serious challenge to his rule in the form of widespread political protest across the country.

Simon Cox examines how instead of training to be an eye doctor in London he was thrust into the role of leader of an Arab state in the of a political storm.

Had his brother not died, Bashar would almost certainly have been destined for a quiet life outside politics and far from the spotlight.

He came to power in 2000 on a wave of hope for political and economic reform.

Under his leadership, the country underwent a degree of relaxation, with hundreds of political prisoners being released and a few tentative steps towards easing media restrictions.

But the pace of change has slowed - if not reversed - and President Assad has made clear his priority is economic rather than political reform.

The Syrian leader's vocal opposition to the US-led invasion of Iraq prompted US anger, but it was popular in Syria and in the region.

His administration has also come under fire for its alleged support for Palestinian militants and insurgents in Iraq.

For Syria's security services and army, the ruling Baath Party and the massive state bureaucracies, Mr Assad represents stability and continuity after the 30-year rule of his father, Hafez al-Assad.

Some observers believe an old guard with entrenched interests may be holding back the young leader.

Others say Mr Assad is firmly in the driving seat.

So how much do we know about the real character of the man - is he reformer or autocrat?

Presenter: Simon Cox.

1202Christine Lagarde2011070220110703

Series of profiles of people who are currently making headlines, with Adrian Goldberg.

1203Nick Davies2011070920110710
1203Rebekah Brooks20110715

On the day of her resignation, Edward Stourton profiles the former News International Chief Executive Rebekah Brooks. He asks how she became one of the most powerful women in Britain - and charts the mixture of charm and ruthlessness which took her to the top.

Producer: Ben Crighton.

Edward Stourton profiles the former News International chief executive, Rebekah Brooks.

1204Rupert Murdoch2011071620110717
1205Elizabeth Filkin2011072320110724

Series of profiles of people who are currently making headlines.

Presented by Shari Vahl.

1206John Armitt2011073020110731
1207Ayatollah Ali Khamenei2011080620110807

When Iran makes the news it is often that country's flamboyant and provocative president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who finds himself under the spotlight.

But the man who wields real power in Iran is not Ahmadinejad, nor was it any of his predecessors as president.

Instead it is the man who has served as the head of the country's religious structure since 1989, the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The Ayatollah owes his rise to power to two men - his predecessor as Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and the previous president, Hashemi Rafsanjani.

Ayatollah Khamenei has been a cleric for most of his life, beginning as a religious scholar in the city of Mashhad at the tender age of 11.

He served several terms in jail as a result of his religious convictions during the secular dictatorship of the Shah.

His rise to power began with the revolution of 1979 that turned Iran into the Islamic Republic.

Khamenei became, first president, a post with relatively little power, and his election as Supreme Leader after the death of Khomenei was a surprise to all.

Many believe this was engineered by Rafsanjani to allow Rafsanjani himself to remain in control.

But Khamenei has gradually made himself the most powerful man in Iran - and he's done so by recruiting the Revolutionary Guard to his side.

There are those who say that far from a religious dictatorship, Iran is in fact a military dictatorship.

But Ali Khamenei is 72 and with 70 per cent of the Iranian population having been born since the revolution, it's not clear that the post of Supreme Leader will survive his death.



James Reynolds profiles Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran.

1208Theresa May2011081320110814

The Home Secretary, Theresa May, is centre stage as she deals with the aftermath of riots across England which have shocked the country and led to the recall of Parliament.

Sparked by the shooting of a member of the public, the Metropolitan Police are again in the spotlight following the resignation of top officers over the hacking scandal and the criticisms over their handling of mass protests in central London.

But May is a politician who's not afraid to challenge the existing order - and speak the unspeakable.

Last year, she told the police that they need to cut their spending and re-organise the way they work.

As the chair of the Conservatives in the early 2000s, she said the party was perceived by the public as the "nasty party." It was a start of the rebranding of the Conservatives.

The daughter of a clergyman, she attended an independent convent and a number of state schools before going to Oxford.

After graduating, she joined the City - working for a time at the Bank of England.

She took the hard route into politics - starting off stuffing envelopes in a constituency office before being elected as a councillor in the London Borough of Merton where she spent the best part of a decade.

She has a reputation for being focused on the job and having a Thatcheresque work ethic with few outside interests.

Simon Cox profiles Theresa May, one of only four women to hold the key offices in British politics.

Producer: Paul Grant.

The Home Secretary, Theresa May, dealing with the aftermath of riots across England.

1209Arsene Wenger2011082020110821

With Andy Denwood.

A look at Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

Series of profiles of people who are currently making headlines.

This programme looks at Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

1210Mustafa Abdul Jalil2011082720110828

, recent defector who now leads Libya's National Transitional Council.

is a former Justice Minister for the Gaddafi regime and now Chairman of Libya's National Transitional Council.

He was jailed after confronting the dictator but was released as a sop to the democracy movement.

Gaddafi turned down his resignation preferring to keep Mustafa Abdul Jalil close, apparently encouraged by the leader's son Saif al-Islam Gaddafi.

Known as a man of integrity and a stickler for the law, he is only a recent convert to the democratic movement having defected in February after visiting the city of Benghazi, near his home town.

Mr Jalil recently did the rounds of European capitals convincing their governments to support the rebels.

But as Nick Ravenscroft reports there are doubts as to whether he has the leadership qualities to manage the disparate rebel groups and steer the country toward democracy.

Producer: Rob Cave.

Mustafa Abdul Jalil, recent defector who now leads Libya's National Transitional Council.

1211Vanessa Redgrave2011090320110904

Edward Stourton profiles Vanessa Redgrave, political activist and award-winning actress.

Edward Stourton profiles Vanessa Redgrave, the multi-award and Oscar-winning actress and political activist.

A leading member of the Redgrave family of actors, she is the daughter, wife, mother and aunt of some of Britain's best known actors and directors.

She has hit the headlines just as often for her political and human rights activities, as for her stage, film and theatre work.

This week, she is in the news for supporting the travellers currently facing eviction from a site in Basildon.

Producers: Arlene Gregorius and Harbinder Minhas.

1213Bernard Hogan-howe2011091720110918

A profile of the incoming Metropolitan Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe.

Profile looks at the man who was appointed this week to the top job in policing - the new Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Bernard Hogan-Howe.

Described as a tough, straight northerner, he spent five years running the Merseyside police to 2009.

He introduced a zero tolerance approach to crime which he describes as "total policing".

Under his leadership there were significant falls in crime and anti-social behaviour.

He is not afraid to court controversy and spoke out against judges for being soft on gun crime.

He adopted a high public profile with regular web-chats and appearances on radio phone-ins.

He has a love of horses and also made regular public appearances on horseback

Danny Shaw talks to former colleagues, politicians and criminologists and others and finds out what drives Bernard Hogan-Howe and what sort of Metropolitan Police Commissioner he might be.

1216Lord Justice Leveson2011100820111009

Claire Bolderson profiles someone who is currently making headlines.


Rosamund Jones

Linda Pressly.

1217Jeremy Heywood2011101520111016

He's long been one of the most powerful figures in British government, but few outside Whitehall have heard of him.

The next Cabinet Secretary Jeremy Heywood has been at the centre of British government for two decades.

He's been close to top politicians ranging from Norman Lamont to Tony Blair to David Cameron.

And he's been in the thick of controversial episodes such as Black Wednesday, rows within the Brown government, and the global financial crisis.

So what's the secret behind the huge influence of a man who shuns the limelight? Chris Bowlby profiles "the insider's insider".

Producer: Smita Patel.

Chris Bowlby profiles Jeremy Heywood who is to become the new Cabinet Secretary.

1218Ian Brown2011102220111023

Legendary band Stone Roses announced this week that they are reforming.

This week Linday Pressly profiles lead singer Ian Brown.

Brown formed the band with school friend John Squire but the rift between the two saw the break-up after just two albums and left a generation of music fans hanging.

Brown went on to have a solo career but now he has decided to make amends with his former bandmates.

He made a huge mark on music and influenced many who met him including bands such as Oasis and in their early days, Radiohead.

Producer: Wesley Stephenson.

Linda Pressly profiles Stone Roses lead singer Ian Brown.

1219Umberto Bossi2011102920111030

A profile of Italian politician Umberto Bossi.

1220Mario Draghi2011110520111106

The new President of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi now finds himself at the centre of the European financial crisis.

The appointment of an Italian to this key role, from a country no stranger to inflation and which is itself at risk of defaulting may have raised some eyebrows, but Draghi was once dubbed 'Super Mario' for his combination of financial and diplomatic intelligence.

Lesley Curwen profiles the cool mountain climbing banker and charts his path to the top of European banking.

Reporter: Lesley Curwen

Producer: Gail Champion.

New President of the European Central Bank, Italian Mario Draghi, enters the Euro crisis.

1221Tom Watson Mp2011111220111113

Edward Stourton profiles Tom Watson, the MP who took on the Murdoch media empire.

The Labour MP Tom Watson compared James Murdoch with "a Mafia boss" while questioning him about phone hacking this week.

He has led the charge in Parliament against News International, and has been forensically campaigning on phone hacking for years.

While many of his Labour colleagues regard him as a hero for his role in taking on the Murdoch empire, Watson wasn't always so popular.

A close ally of Gordon Brown, he called for Tony Blair to resign in 2006, although he denied Brown conspired with him to bring down the Prime Minister.

Edward Stourton profiles the pioneer blogger and populist campaigner, who is unafraid to take on powerful figures in and out of politics.

Producer Bill Law.

1222Meryl Streep2011111920111120
1223Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi2011112620111127
1224Youssou N'dour2011120320111204

Edward Stourton profiles the Senegalese singer Youssou N'Dour.

Profile this week takes a look at the Senegalese singer Youssou N'Dour who has surprised many by announcing he is to quit music for a career in politics.

The son of a car mechanic, N'Dour went on to become one of the most influential recording artists in the world.

With presidential elections taking place in Senegal next February, Edward Stourton asks if N'Dour has what it takes to succeed on the political stage.

Producers: Ben Crighton and Hannah Barnes.

1225Newt Gingrich2011121020111211

Samira Ahmed profiles Newt Gingrich, leading Republican contender for the US election.

Samira Ahmed profiles Newt Gingrich, the American former Speaker of the House who is now a leading contender for the Republican nomination to run against Barack Obama in next year's US presidential election.

Earlier this year he was largely written off as a presidential contender when many of his staff left his campaign.

But now he has made a dramatic comeback.

In the 1990s he was one of the Republicans who led the impeachment proceedings against President Bill Clinton for perjury over his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

Yet at the same time Mr Gingrich was engaged in his own extra-marital affair with the woman who became his third wife.

Samira Ahmed talks to people who have known and worked with Newt Gingrich throughout his career.

She hears of similarities between Gingrich and Clinton: both had difficult relationships with their step-fathers, dominating mothers, and both wanted to be transformational figures.

But Gingrich appears to lack Clinton's personal charm.

Gingrich is both attacked and admired as an ideological politician, although some say he is driven by pragmatism and has an acute sense of what will play well with his supporters.

With a controversial past - he was fined $300,000 for ethics breaches in Congress - how has he turned things round?

Who is the real Newt Gingrich, and would he make a good president?


Ben Crighton and Arlene Gregorius.

1226Peter Higgs2011121720111218

Samira Ahmed profiles the physicist Peter Higgs, the man behind the "God Particle".

Profile this week looks at the physicist Peter Higgs who in the 1960s predicted the existence of the so-called "God Particle" which scientists think they glimpsed at CERN this week.

The Higgs boson - which has so excited the scientific community this week - is a subatomic particle which gives mass to all matter and the quest to find it has been described as the holy grail of physics.

Peter Higgs made his prediction in the mid-1960s when he was a relatively young scientist, adding a crucial element to the Standard Model of the universe.

At the time the significance of his work was not widely recognised or understood, and one leading scientific journal even turned down one of his early papers setting out his groundbreaking theory.

Higgs, now in his 80s, is very much a theoretical scientist.

Colleagues say he has never excelled at practical experiments, and to this day he doesn't get on with computers.

What kind of man is he? Samira Ahmed talks to those who know the scientist, and asks what makes him tick.


Ben Crighton and Arlene Gregorius.

Samira Ahmed profiles a person who is currently making headlines.

1227Archbishop Of Canterbury Rowan Williams2011122420111225

Emily Buchanan profiles the Archbishop of Canterbury and examines his long struggle to stop the Anglican Church from fragmenting. Rowan Williams was tipped at an early age for high office and he is rated as possibly the most intellectually talented Archbishop of Canterbury for a thousand years. Yet after all the high hopes at his appointment, many are disappointed at what they see as a lack of key leadership qualities.

Dragged into seemingly endless rows about gay clergy and women bishops, Williams has had to endure a great deal of abuse from some members of the world's 77 million strong Anglican Communion. His period of office has even been described as a crucifixion. Is he misrepresented by Britain's tabloid press or does he actively court controversy?

His opposition to the Iraq war, his call for reparations for the slave trade and his candid predictions that last summer's riots could easily be repeated have raised eyebrows among parts of the political establishment. In 2008, he provoked an outcry after saying the application of Sharia law in England under certain circumstances was unavoidable.

A former Religious Affairs Correspondent, Emily Buchanan speaks to those who know him well including the Bishop of London, his school friend John Walters, his biographer Rupert Shortt, and the satirist Ian Hislop. She discovers how Rowan Williams' warm and sympathetic character, with the ability to see all sides of a question, is both his great strength and his weakness.

Producer: Lucy Ash.

Emily Buchanan profiles the archbishop of Canterbury, poet and scholar Rowan Williams

Emily Buchanan profiles the Archbishop of Canterbury and examines his long struggle to stop the Anglican Church from fragmenting.

Rowan Williams was tipped at an early age for high office and he is rated as possibly the most intellectually talented Archbishop of Canterbury for a thousand years.

Yet after all the high hopes at his appointment, many are disappointed at what they see as a lack of key leadership qualities.

Dragged into seemingly endless rows about gay clergy and women bishops, Williams has had to endure a great deal of abuse from some members of the world's 77 million strong Anglican Communion.

His period of office has even been described as a crucifixion.

Is he misrepresented by Britain's tabloid press or does he actively court controversy?

His opposition to the Iraq war, his call for reparations for the slave trade and his candid predictions that last summer's riots could easily be repeated have raised eyebrows among parts of the political establishment.

In 2008, he provoked an outcry after saying the application of Sharia law in England under certain circumstances was unavoidable.

A former Religious Affairs Correspondent, Emily Buchanan speaks to those who know him well including the Bishop of London, his school friend John Walters, his biographer Rupert Shortt, his former spin doctor George Pitcher and the satirist Ian Hislop.

She discovers how Rowan Williams' warm and sympathetic character, with the ability to see all sides of a question, is both his great strength and his weakness.

1228Michael Acton Smith2011123120120101

Rory Cellan-Jones profiles Moshi Monsters founder Michael Acton Smith.

Once described as the 'rock star version of Willie Wonka', Michael Acton Smith is emerging as one of the major players in Britain's high tech industry. You may not have heard of him, but any five to eleven year old will know of his Moshi Monsters video game website, where children tend a virtual pet. Moshi Monsters is growing rapidly and has 50 million members worldwide. Acton Smith began his first business in the late 1990s when he was not long out of university. Despite recent success he has suffered major setbacks in the past. Rory Cellan-Jones profiles the 37 year old who is already making waves beyond these shores.

Producer: Kate Dixon.

1229 LASTImran Khan2012010720120108
1301Francois Hollande2012031020120311

Chris Bowlby profiles the French Socialist Party presidential candidate Francois Hollande.

Edward Stourton profiles a person who is currently making headlines.


Jane Beresford

Lesley McAlpine.

1302Jimmy Wales2012031720120318

Claire Bolderson profiles the founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, who is working as an unpaid advisor to the UK Government helping open up policy making to the public.


Lesley McAlpine

Anna Meisel.

Claire Bolderson profiles the founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales.

1303Dame Edna Everage2012032420120325

Rosie Goldsmith profiles Dame Edna Everage, one of entertainment's most colourful characters. Dame Edna stepped into the public spotlight in 1950s as a dowdy Melbourne housewife. Over the years her popularity has soared and she has turned into a flamboyant "gigastar". She is known for her outlandish outfits, her wit and her derision of the cult of celebrity. But she is soon to leave the stage - her forthcoming tour of the UK will be her last.


John Murphy

Anna Meisel.

Rosie Goldsmith profiles one of entertainment's best known characters - Dame Edna Everage

1304Len Mccluskey2012033120120401

As the threat of strike action by fuel tanker drivers looms over the Easter break, Mukul Devichand profiles Len McCluskey, the left winger who became general secretary of Unite in 2010. As the UK's biggest union and the Labour party's biggest donor, Unite is often in the headlines - many generated by its leader. Len McCluskey courted controversy by raising the prospect of strikes during the Olympics and was roundly criticised by both the Coalition and the Labour party. He has been an outspoken critic of Ed Miliband's leadership despite having played a key role in getting him elected. This week's Profile asks what Len McCluskey stands for and charts his journey from white-collar worker on the Liverpool docks to the most powerful trade union leader in the country.

Presenter: Mukul Devichand

Producer: Phillip Kemp.

Mukul Devichand profiles union leader Len McCluskey, who leads the fuel tanker drivers.

1305Suzanne Collins2012040720120408

This Easter's hit movie, the Hunger Games, is based on a best-selling book trilogy. Gerry Northam profiles its author, Suzanne Collins.

1306Kim Jong-un2012041420120415

After North Korea's controversial rocket launch, David Torrance profiles the country's new young leader, Kim Jong-un, as he assumes his nation's top political offices.

1307Ralf Hutter2012042120120422

Chris Bowlby profiles Ralf Hutter, a founding member of the highly influential German electronic band Kraftwerk, who are credited with influencing a host of other musicians.

Chris Bowlby profiles a person who is currently making headlines.


John Murphy.

1308Jeremy Hunt2012042820120429

Mary Ann Sieghart profiles Jeremy Hunt, the culture secretary, who has come under pressure to resign following the release of emails to the Leveson Inquiry.

Mary Ann Seighart profiles a person who is currently making headlines.


John Murphy

Anna Meisel.

1309Roy Hodgson2012050520120506

Multi-lingual, intelligent and a surprise choice for the biggest job in sport, Roy Hodgson

Multi-lingual, a good listener and a surprise choice for arguably the biggest job in British sport - manager of the England football team.

Hodgson has coached football teams in eight different countries during a career which has lasted 36 years. He is said to have revolutionised the techniqes of some players - he took Switzerland to the last 16 of the 1994 World Cup. He's much better known in Italy than the UK after his time at Inter Milan.

At Fulham he was regarded as an eccentric but clever choice as they avoided relegation before reaching the 2010 Europa League Final.

Hodgson is not into mind games and isn't known for saying things for impact - like some other Premier League managers. Some say he is bereft of ego and a gentleman, others that he can be as passionate and defensive as the rest. He has a rigorous approach to preparation - players at Liverpool complained about the complexity of his training schedules.

A great lover of literature he is said to have read the works of nearly every Nobel prize winner - not intimidated by taking on the works of foreign authors.

Gerry Northam profiles the man friends say has a complex character - on the one hand obsessed with football, on the other never happier than when away from the beautiful game.

Producer: Samantha Fenwick.

1310Alexis Tsipras2012051220120513

Andy Denwood profiles Alexis Tsipras, the brash young leader of Greece's far left-wing bloc Syriza. The country now faces another election and polls say Tsipras is a man to watch.

1311Jay Hunt2012051920120520
1312 LASTEngelbert Humperdinck2012052620120527

Pascale Harter profiles a person who is currently making headlines.


Arlene Gregorius

Smita Patel.

Pascale Harter profiles singer Engelbert Humperdinck.

Pascale Harter looks at the life and career of the singer Engelbert Humperdinck.

1401Charles Van Commenee2012072820120729

Going for Gold - Charles Van Commenee head coach to the GB athletics squad.

The London 2012 Olympics will be the biggest test yet for Charles Van Commenee, the no-nonsense head coach to the GB athletics squad. If he achieves the target number of medals, then British athletics and Van Commenee will be propelled onto the world stage. Van Commenee doesn't shy away from controversy - he is tough with his athletes and is unsympathetic to people who fail to deliver. And there's speculation that if his squad does badly, he'll fall on his sword.

1402Boris Johnson2012080420120805

As the Olympics come to London, Mayor Boris Johnson finds himself on the global stage.

With his trademark blonde hair and a reputation for colourful antics, Boris Johnson has had a seemingly unstoppable rise through the ranks of UK politics. After seizing a second term as London mayor earlier this year and thanks to the Olympic games coming to London, he's become firmly associated with the city on the world stage.

But alongside his various careers as mayor, journalist, author and quiz show panellist, it seems his political prospects within the ranks of the Tory party also remain strong. Recent polls suggest a groundswell of support for him as a potential future leader of the party. James Silver charts the rise and rise of a unique politician.

Producer - Gail Champion.

1403Dave Brailsford2012081120120812

Ruth Alexander profiles Dave Brailsford, the mastermind behind the British cycling team.

British cycling is enjoying unprecedented success and cyclists are now household names. Dave Brailsford, the performance director of the British cycling team, has been widely credited with Britain's rise to the top. His winning methods include combining an encyclopaedic knowledge of the sport with an obsessive work ethic, relentlessly crunching numbers and other data in a constant quest for any competitive advantage, however small. But he's not just a numbers man. Ruth Alexander talks to those who know Brailsford, and finds out what motivates the quiet cycling supremo.

Presenter Ruth Alexander

Producer Ben Crighton.

1404Dame Helen Ghosh2012081820120819

Chris Bowlby profiles Dame Helen Ghosh, who is to take over as head of the National Trust.

The most senior official at the Home Office is resigning after a 33-year civil service career.

Dame Helen Ghosh - who has led the department since January 2011 - will take up the role of director general of the National Trust.

She is one of a number of permanent secretaries who have left the civil service this year. She said she was "torn about leaving" but the chance to work for the National Trust was "a rare opportunity".

Dame Helen Ghosh has worked in Government since 1979 for both Conservative and Labour Ministers. Her tenure included controversy at Defra over the Rural Payments Agency and more recently at the Home Office with concerns over the Border Agency.

Chris Bowlby assesses her career and the qualities that propelled her to the senior ranks in Whitehall and asks what they tell us about the approach she is likely to bring to her new role.

Producer: Ian Muir-Cochrane.

1405Lee Pearson2012082520120826

A profile of nine-times paralympic gold medallist, Lee Pearson.

If nine-times gold medal winner Lee Pearson adds a further three golds to his collection at the London 2012 Paralympics, he could surpass the modern era record haul of 11.

Dressage champion Pearson was born with a condition called arthrogryposis which twisted his limbs.

He won a Children of Courage medal in 1980 aged six, with Margaret Thatcher insisting on carrying him up the stairs of number 10.

An outspoken character on various issues, including the levels of funding in disabled sport and the recognition that goes with it, Pearson has a 100% record in his field, having won gold in every event at every Games he has ever competed in.

So what drives him? And how will he cope with the pressure knowing that if he continues his winning streak in London in the coming weeks, he will be one of the most successful Paralympians in history?

Presenter: Gerry Northam

Producer: Kate O'Hara.

1406Frances O'grady2012090120120902

Claire Bolderson profiles Frances O'Grady, soon to the the first woman to lead the TUC.

Claire Bolderson profiles Frances O'Grady, soon to become the first woman to lead the Trades Union Congress. She hears from colleagues and close observers of the trade union scene about how she has risen so far, how she has dealt with the macho traditions of union leadership, and what kind of challenge she may mount to the government as austerity bites.

Producers: Chris Bowlby and Anna Meisel.

1407Grant Shapps2012090820120909

Geeta Guru-Murthy profiles Grant Shapps, the new Conservative party co-chairman.

The new Conservative party co-chairman Grant Shapps is a man with a colourful past. The former grammar schoolboy is a pilot, rapper and successful businessman - but he's also battled cancer and survived a near fatal car crash. Geeta Guru-Murthy profiles the pugnacious and sometimes controversial politician tasked with bringing home the Tory vote.

Producer: Chris Bowlby.

1408Andy Murray20120915

It is Andy Murray's year: he missed out in the men's singles at Wimbledon but made up for it by winning an Olympic Gold by defeating Roger Federer in straight sets in the men's singles. Now the Scotsman has won his first grand slam in the US Open against Novak Djokovic.

It has taken Murray grit and determination to get where he is. He has struggled with a fiery temper and his own demons as well as a problem with his knee which forced him to stop playing tennis for at least six months.

He has also faced difficulties in his personal life. When he was eight, he attended Dunblane Primary School where lone gunman Thomas Hamilton killed 16 children and their teacher. His parents separated when he was around ten and his promise as a young tennis player took him to a tennis academy in Spain far away from home.

Producers: Mark Savage and Arlene Gregorius.

1409Pete Cashmore20120922

Edward Stourton profiles Pete Cashmore, one of the world's most popular bloggers and tweeters, who founded the social media and technology website Mashable.

1410Justin Welby2012092920120930

Edward Stourton profiles Justin Welby, former oil executive and now Bishop of Durham, emerging as one of the most striking candidates for the post of Archbishop of Canterbury.


Chris Bowlby profiles South Korean singer Psy, the sudden global star whose 'Gangnam Style' has topped UK singles charts and is the most popular video ever on Youtube.

Chris Bowlby profiles an influential person making the news headlines.

Producer: Smita Patel.

1412Paul Ryan2012101320121014

Claire Bolderson profiles US Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan.

Producers: Smita Patel and Chris Bowlby.

1413Sam Mendes2012102020121021

Mary Ann Sieghart profiles Sam Mendes, director of the new Bond film, who wanted to play cricket for England but became a theatre supremo and acclaimed Hollywood director.

1414Alexei Navalny2012102720121028

Lucy Ash profiles the Russian lawyer and anti-corruption campaigner Alexei Navalny, who this week topped a ballot to elect leaders of the opposition to President Putin.

He came to prominence as a leader during the anti-Putin demonstrations in Moscow last December, the biggest such rallies since the end of the Soviet Union.

He has also been fighting against corruption through a website that invites the public to report suspected cases to the police or prosecutors.

One of his tactics, was to become a minority shareholder in major Russian oil companies, banks, and ministries to ask awkward questions about holes in state finances. Those holes are huge. Last year Dmitri Medvedev - then President now PM - said that a trillion rubles-thirty-three billion dollars- disappears annually on government contracts.

Aleksey Navalny's anti graft campaign has won him popularity across a wide spectrum opf Russian society, including nationalists wioth far right connections. This has unsettled many of more liberal supporters. And in a week when three other opposition activists have been charged with causing mass unrest, does he have what it takes to challenge the tough man in the Kremlin?

Producer Arlene Gregorius.

Lucy Ash profiles an influential person making the news headlines.

1415Xi Jinping2012110320121104

Tim Franks profiles the Chinese leader-in-waiting Xi Jinping.

Producer: Kai Wang.

1416Nadine Dorries20121110

Mark Coles profiles the controversial Conservative MP Nadine Dorries, who has been suspended from her party for taking part in 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here'.

1417Abu Qatada2012111720121118

Mark Coles profiles Abu Qatada, the radical Islamic cleric described by the Home Secretary as 'dangerous man, a suspected terrorist, who is accused of serious crimes in Jordan'.


Profiles of a person currently making headlines.

1419Nigel Farage2012120120121202
1420 LASTSir Philip Green2012120820121209