Prodigal Fraudster, The

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FP01*20090731Second series of three political dramas.|By Mike Harris.|MP Bobby Khan has his sights set on a ministerial post, but things don't go quite to plan. Bobby's mother Elizabeth is also delivered a shock which changes the family dynamics forever. An unexpected visitor brings danger to the Khan household as the murky world of fraud and double dealings are brought to the fore.|Bobby Khan....Zubin Varla|Elizabeth Khan....Barbara Marten|Lucy Khan....Nicola Stephenson|Imran Khan....Bhasker Patel|Mike Winters....Michael Feast|Wasim....Christopher Bisson|Barry....Lee Boardman|Isabella....Fiona Clarke|David Hart....James Quinn|Sara Khan....Millie Rose Kinsey|Directed by Pauline Harris.|By Mike Harris. MP Bobby Khan has his sights set on a ministerial post.