Lauren Beukes's celebrity-obsessed dystopia where fans can channel a star's every desire.
Radio 4's Dangerous Visions: the first of three specially commissioned stories that explore contemporary takes on future dystopias.
Sex as an opiate for the masses is taken to a whole new level in Lauren Beukes' celebrity-obsessed dystopia where every second of a star's life is filmed and recorded for consumers to plug into and experience at first-hand. Talitha Calix, a South African reality TV star, has become a worldwide phenomenon, people are riveted by the soap opera that is her love life. When a hacker group of obsessive fans decide to bring the network down and give Talitha an hour of privacy a whole new world of possibilities opens up to her but will she be allowed to walk away from the limelight?
Read by Chipo Chung
Produced by Gemma Jenkins
Lauren Beukes is the author of the international bestselling thriller, The Shining Girls.

Broadcast Dates

  • 20140615