Private Lives Of British Pakistanis, The

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20110704When former Home Secretary Jack Straw suggested some men of Pakistani origin tend to see white girls as "easy meat", he was accused of stereotyping.|He spoke out after two Asian men who abused white girls in Derby were given long jail sentences and said there is a specific problem which involves Pakistani men who target white girls because Pakistani girls are off limits.|Presenter Adil Ray, himself a British-born Pakistani, was also shocked by the comments at first but felt that there was a bigger problem at the heart of the debate which had yet to be aired or addressed.|Many of his peers, who were born and raised here in the liberal, permissive sexual culture of the west, had little choice but to create a web of secrets and lies to live the way they wanted to live whilst also appeasing their parents - who lived by a very different sexual and moral code based their strict Islamic upbringing in Pakistan.|Adil talks to ordinary young Pakistanis who are caught up in this web about how they navigate the system and asks why that system has managed to last so long.|Producer: Mohini Patel.|Adil Ray explores the sometimes complicated sex lives of fellow British Pakistani Muslims.