Prisoners Of Power

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19700209]A play about|Mary Queen of Scots by HELENA WOOD with The tragedy of the young Queen of Scots, already dowager Queen of France before she came of age. three times married before her imprisonment when she was 26 years old. Few public lives have been more intriguing. Was she involved in Darnlev's murder? Did she marry Bothwell of her own free will? Her mvsterious life is set against the "religious and political squabbles of an age of violence.|Lute player DESMOND dupre|Produced by GUY vajesen


Unknown: Helena Wood|Produced By: Guy Vajesen|Mary: Vivien Merchant|Darnley: Nigel Anthony|Bothwell: Sean Arnold|Lethington: Tony Britton|Moray: James Thomason|Morton: Alan Barry|Ruthven: Malcolm Hayes|Robert Stuart: Tom Watson|RiCCiO: Sean Barrett|Knox: Duncas McIntyre|Mary Seaton: Colette O'Neil|Du CrOC: Malcolm Hayes