Price Of Water In Finistere, The

By Bodil Malmsten, translated by Frank Perry, abridged by Jill Waters.

Read by Eleanor Bron

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0120050801By Bodil Malmsten, translated by Frank Perry, abridged by Jill Waters.|Read by Eleanor BronAt the age of 55, the author decided to pack up and leave her native Sweden.|With no particular destination in mind, she drives south and finds herself on the northwest coast of France, in Finistere.|And so begins this wryly humorous love story about a place she chooses to make her home.|It is also a story about writers block, gardening, bureaucracy, roses, the French language and water.
0220050802Our feisty and opinionated heroine (the author) has an encounter with her formidable neighbour Madame C, who declares that her friend the Swedish writer, absolutely must write a book about her life in Finistere.
0320050803Gardening in a foreign land means encountering foreign gardeners - the confederacy of gardeners is not always as tolerant as our heroine supposed.
0420050804Negotiating the rules and indeed the more subtle behaviour patterns of a foreign country are as challenging as creating a new garden.|Finistere is not much like Sweden, but that is its essential charm.
05 LAST20050805Madame C, the prime mover behind the author's avowed intention to write a book about her life in Finistere, is getting increasingly anxious about the lack of progress.