The Price Of Peace

John Ware examines the events which led up to the signing of the Good Friday peace agreement in Northern Ireland.


01* Dealing With Gerry2008030220080306

John looks at the compromises made by Sinn Fein and asks why it took seven years to deliver the decommissioning of IRA weapons promised under the agreement.

02* Dealing With The Big Man2008030920080313

For half a century Dr Ian Paisley presented one consistent message to the Protestant people of Ulster.

His was the lone voice campaigning against the agreement in 1998.

So what made Paisley suddenly agree to political compromise?

03A Shared Future2008031620080320

Northern Ireland may be at peace but reconciliation seems distant, and the divisions between communities remain.

Many of the walls keeping them apart are being repaired rather than pulled down.

But optimistic signs are coming from a new generation of young politicians seeking a genuinely united future.