Playwright Peter Jukes drama looks at the impact on a divorcing couple of recent changes to British prenuptial law.

Two academics - British Paul and Amercian Amy - have married in the US with a prenuptial agreement.

They did so because Paul's previous marriage ended in a messy divorce, making him wary of future commitment.

But Paul loves Amy and was relieved to hear that like him she doesn't want children (access issues round his daughter Iona have greatly complicated his life in recent years.) And because the loss of his house has been traumatic, Amy also generously suggested a 'prenup' to allay his fears of losing more of his property and pension.

But now things have gone wrong and Amy has filed for divorce.

She has done so in Britain, believing that the agreement they signed before marriage will not take effect.

However, the law is about to change...

(How will the change in legislation impact on the couple and their futures?)

SAM DALE plays Paul and SALLY ORROCK plays Amy.

With CHRISTINE KAVANAGH as Paul's wife Coleen,

CLAIRE HARRY and ADEEL AKHTAR as their lawyers and

DEEIVYA MEIR as their daughter Iona.

The director is PETER KAVANAGH.

Peter Jukes looks at how changes to British prenuptial law may affect a divorcing couple.