Prayer Mask



Prayer Mask

By David Pownall

JOSEPH FIENNES stars as the young Lieutenant Richard Burton who in 1853 disguised himself as an Afghani pilgrim and undertook an expedition to Mecca.

His aim was to explore the Holy of Holies.

He chronicles this journey fraught with dangers and misadventure.

But can he hide his identity from his two young guides?

Lieutenant Richard Burton - Joseph Fiennes

Mohammed - Akbar Kurtha

Nur - Rasmus Hardiker

Wali - Paul Rider

Larking - Roger Hammond

Kaaba official - Inam Mirza

Surgeon - Jonathan Tafler

Mohammed's mother...

Natasha Pyne

Director - Peter Kavanagh.

Explorer Richard Burton travels to Mecca, disguised as pilgrim.

Burton sets out from Alexandria in disguise to undertake the pilgrimage to Mecca.

Adventure based on the writings of 19th-century explorer Richard Burton.

In a quest for knowledge, Burton sets out from Alexandria on an expedition to Mecca, disguised as an Afghani pilgrim.

He and his two young guides encounter many dangers, all the while keeping his true identity secret.

Mohammed's mother....Natasha Pyne

Directed by Peter Kavanagh