The Prague Trial



By Arianne Mnouchkine and Patrice Chereau.

The show trial of dissident writer Vaclav Havel and others in the former Czechoslovakia in 1979 is explored using dramatic reconstruction, testimonies and expert analysis, revealing their roles in overcoming the Soviet Union's control and the event's place in the wider context of post-war Europe. Dramatised by Christopher Hampton, and narrated by Jane Whittenshaw.


Narrator....Jane Whittenshaw

Judge....Gerard Murphy

Dana Nemcova....Teresa Gallagher

Jiri Dienstbier....Andrew Branch

Anna Sabatova....Elaine Larkin

Otta Bednarova....Sarah Badel

Vaclav Benda....Geoffrey Whitehead

Petr Uhl....Nicholas Boulton

Vaclav Havel....Michael Maloney

Prosecutor....Keith Drinkel

Producers: Paul Dodgson and Nick Patrick

Director: Martin Jenkins

A Pier Production for BBC Radio 4.

Exploring the show trial of dissident writer Vaclav Havel and others.