Power Lines

A week of stories from Wales on aspects of power.


LS01And Perhaps More2000032020000709

by Sian James, read by Simon Harris. Even at his mother's funeral, Glyn still experiences feelings of guilt.


by Sue Morgan, read by Sara McGaughey.

Should Elin settle for a life shaped by the strong pull of home?

LS03Buried Treasure2000032220000723

by Don Rodgers, read by Patrick Brennan. The power of pain divides two young brothers.


by Tessa Hadley. The power of passion beneath the surface of a suburban marriage.

LS05 LASTWaiting For Perestroika2000032420000806

by Gee Williams, read by Siw Hughes. The patrons of a mobile library fight for paperback romances. But for one man the power of words is life and death.