Power And The Glory, The

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19700622]by DENNIS CANNAN and PIERRE BOST from the novel by GRAHAM GREENE adapted by PEGGY WELLS with Derek Godfrey Francis de Woolf Henry Stamper and Patience Collier|' It doesn'matter my being a coward and a drunkard and all the rest. I can put God into a man's mouth just the same - and I can give him God's pardon. It wouldn'make any difference to that man if every priest in the Church was as bad as me.'|Produced by RONALD MASON|(Patience Collier is a member of the Royal Shakespeare Co)|(D. A. N. Jones writes on page 14)|9.58 Weather


Unknown: Dennis Cannan|Unknown: Pierre Bost|Novel By: Graham Greene|Adapted By: Peggy Wells|Unknown: Derek Godfrey|Unknown: Francis de Woolf|Unknown: Henry Stamper|Unknown: D. A. N. Jones|Tench: Henry Stamper|Chief of Police: Prancis de Woolf|Priest: Derek Godfrey|Lieutenant: Brian Hewlett|Maria: Patience Collier|Brigitta JO: Manning Wilson|Francisco: Sean Barrett|Miguel: Sean Arnold|Francisco's mother: Margot Boyd|Mestizo: Andrew Sachs|Governor's cousin: Malcolm Hayes|Spinster: Kathleen Helme|Drunkard: Kerry Francis|Lopez: Clifford Norgate|Warder: Sean Barrett|Obregon: Kerry Francis|Schoolmaster: Frederick Treves|Alvarez: Sean Arnold|Obregon's wife: Elizabeth Proud|Vittorio: Andrew Sachs|Peasant woman: Margot Boyd|Man: John Rye
Genome: [r4 Bd=19920109]NEW America's Crisis of Leadership American politics has lost its ring of confidence. As the presidential election begins, James Naughtie travels from City Halls to|Capitol Hill and the White House to ask political leaders how the US can deliver at home the success it has won abroad.|A four-part series.|1: All Politics Is Local Mayoral candidate in Boston, Ed Doherty. Producer Anne Stoman
Genome: [r4 Bd=19920109] Unknown: James Naughtie|Unknown: Ed Doherty.|Producer: Anne Stoman