Poste Restante

A week of stories by leading travel writers on the theme of Poste Restante, the international system which allows travellers' letters to be held until collected at a designated post office.


AR01The Mombasa Mail Flag2004012620040919

by Sara Wheeler McDonnell.

An ex-patriot farmer in KENYA, dreams of finally impressing his statesman father.

Read by Rupert Graves.

AR02Letters From The Rich Cradle2004012720040926

by Louisa Waugh.

When Nancy moves to a village in Mongolia, it is the letters from her boyfriend in AFRICA that sustain her.

Read by Tamara Kennedy

AR03The Prime Of Joyce Emily Hammond2004012820041003

by Charlotte Hobson.

A young runaway longs for a letter from her inspirational teacher as she waits in the blazing Sevillian sun.

Read by Vicki Liddelle


by Jason Webster.

An ENGLISHman journeys through North AFRICA.

While seeking the Moorish legacy, he comes to strike a bargain with a mysterious bookseller.

Read by Nick Underwood

AR05 LASTStar Stuff And Nail Parings2004013020041017

by Jenny Diski.

Daphne has inadvertently become a travel writer after years of writing fiction.

She comes up with an unusual new way of touring the world.

Read by Lindsay Duncan