In the second of two Afternoon Plays commissioned to accompany the current series of Inside the Ethics Committee, a pregnant teenager and her angry mother present the ante-natal team with a series of increasingly difficult decisions.

When Annie is admitted to A&E with stomach pains, she's shocked to find out that she's pregnant.

Her mother is even more horrified, and the ante-natal team must decide if Annie is capable of making her own decisions without her mother's consent.

The situation is further complicated when Annie wants to keep an even more shocking piece of news from her mother, and the medical team's efforts to support her come under real pressure as an emergency confronts them with a difficult decision about what is best for Annie's welfare.


Rosie: Nicola Miles-Wildin

Theresa: Lucy Black

Jacqui: Susie Ridell

Tess: Deirdre Mullins

Des: Jack Holden

Michael: Gerard Cooke

Paul: Chris Yapp

John: Mark meadows

Mr Joseph: Russell Boulter

Sam/Lily: Nadia Williams

Directed by Sara Davies

Inside the Ethics Committee, presented by Joan Bakewell, is on Thursdays at 09.00 and 21.00.

A pregnant girl confronts doctors with tough choices in Tina Pepler's medical ethics drama.