Poor Pen



By Laurie Graham.

Set in Italy, the story of Pen Browning, son of poets Robert and Elizabeth Browning, is told by Lily, his faithful servant from his birth to her death.

With Jean Alexander, Clive Swift, Bonnie Hurran and Susie Fugle.


By Laurie Graham Pen Browning was the son of brilliant parents, poets Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Set in Italy, poor Pen's story is told through the astute eyes of down-to-earth Lily, his faithful servant from the time of his birth until the day of his death.

'Mr Roert Browning were nobutt a little body, but he did cast a long shadow'.

Lily....Jean Alexander Pen....Clive Swift With Bonnie Hurren, Susie Fugle, Chris Harris, Josh Boyden and Patrick Poletti.