Pongs Perdus - Five Reflections On Smell


01Scents And Sensibility19980928

`Scents and Sensibility'. The first in a five-part series exploring the primitive and mysterious world of smell. Leading scientists explain why smell works differently to the other senses. With George Dodd, research director of Kiotech, Steve van Toller of Warwick University, writer Beryl Bainbridge, and food writer and critic Marlena Spieler.

02Sentimental Journey19980929

`Sentimental Journey'. How smell can pick the lock that unleashes our memories. With odourologist Fred Dale, choreographer Wendy Toye, Judy Gifford of `Tea Together' and the residents of Woodleigh Manor.


3: `Woodsmoke'. Writer Patrice Chaplin recounts why the smell of woodsmoke evokes for her the intensity of a youthful love affair.

04Pheromones And Pumpkin Pie19981001

4: `Pheromones and Pumpkin Pie'. An investigation into the smells of food and love. With Dr Alan Hirsch of the Chicago Smell and Taste Foundation.



A glimpse behind the scenes of the PARISian perfume world.