The Pond

Peter FRANCE narrates the extraordinary story of the life and times of a village pond and its resident frogs in OXFORDshire.
Set against a specially recorded soundscape, this evocative and dramatic series follows the fortunes of the pond from its creation in Anglo-Saxon ENGLAND to its destruction in the 21st Century, immersing listeners in the sounds of the changing seasons and life above and below the pond's surface.



Despite the cold, misty morning, a group of villagers prepare a large hole in the field, north of their village, and then wait for the autumn rains to fill the pond and the arrival of the first frog.


Its early Spring and the pond is a HIVe of activity; as frogs emerge arrive from the surrounding fields or emerge from the muddy bottom, all with one aim in mind - to find a mate. This is the start of the breeding season.


Its late Spring in the mid-1700s. The pond is no longer a peaceful place. In the shadows among the weeds, battles over territory are lost and won, and predators stalk their prey.


It's 1970 and early summer.

The pond is now well-established.

The young froglets emerge from the pond, and venture into the surrounding fields in search of suitable places for their winter hibernation; but it's a dangerous journey.

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The pond survives a bitter winter, but as spring arrives and the frogs return to the pond to breed, a new danger threatens the pond's survival and the future of the frogs.