Politically Charged

Series in which Clive Anderson recalls dramatic legal cases which caused great controversy and left their mark on politics, the law and the individuals involved.



Clive Anderson looks at the 1972 trial of Peter Hain for disrupting all-white South African sporting tours.


Clive Anderson looks at the dramatic case of the Shrewsbury Pickets, jailed in 1973 for conspiracy to organise violent picketing - one of whom was the now famous actor Ricky Tomlinson.

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Clive Anderson looks at the ABC trial, the dramatic Official Secrets Act case in 1978 which lead to big changes.

0201* The Spycatcher Trial2008012020080123

"In 1986 the British government took legal action in Australia to try to stop the publication of Spycatcher, the memoirs of the former MI5 agent Peter Wright.

They were ultimately unsuccessful, and the case triggered a bitter conflict between government and much of the press.".


The Oz trial of 1971 saw the three editors of the underground magazine facing a charge of conspiracy to corrupt public morals.

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